With the 2016 MLU Season and Conference Championships in the books, the time has come to recognize some individual performances from athletes across the league.

Over the next week, various league and team insiders (writers, statisticians, coaches, etc.) will vote for who they think was most deserving of recognition from the 2016 season.

Ballots are spread across league and team staff, with each team controlling two ballots, constituting just over half the votes. Ballot holders will designate a first place (5 points), second place (3 points) and third place (1 point) winner for each award.  Voters are NOT required to cast a vote for each award. 

The awards are:

The Most Valuable Player awards go to the players that have made the largest positive impact on their team. This means that not only are they performing at a high level all season long, but that they are raising the play of their teammates.  A MVP is chosen for each conference. 

The Rookie of the Year awards are given to the most outstanding first-year players in each conference during the regular season.

The Offensive Player of the Year awards are given to the most outstanding offensive player in each conference during the regular season.

The Defensive Player of the Year awards are given to the most outstanding defensive player in each conference.

The Coach of the Year awards go to the coaches who have led their teams in reaching and surpassing their goals throughout the season.

The Breakout Player of the Year award goes to the player who made the biggest improvement from previous seasons to this season, including their role in helping their team achieve its season goals. 

The Spirit Awards are given to the players that demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship on and off the field throughout the season. MLU players will vote on the most spirited player in their conference.

While each ballot holder has the option to write-in whomever they feel best deserves the award, the content and statistics departments at MLU have reviewed the season and chosen to present a list of finalists for consideration. Those finalists are presented below, by award, and in alphabetical order by last name.

*Selected statistics listed, (goals – assists – blocks)

Eastern Conference Most Valuable Player:

Western Conference Most Valuable Player:

Eastern Conference Rookie of the Year:


Western Conference Rookie of the Year:

Eastern Conference Offensive Player of the Year:

Western Conference Offensive Player of the Year:

Eastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year:

Western Conference Defensive Player of the Year:

Breakout Player of the Year:

  • Lloyd Blake -DC
  • Taylor Cascino – SF
  • Nick Fiske – SF
  • Raphy Hayes – PDX
  • Brad Houser – SEA
  • Erik Hunter – VAN
  • Ben Katz – BOS
  • Himalaya Mehta – PHL
  • Taylor Nadon – VAN
  • Scott Xu – NY

 Voting will take place this week (6/27 – 7/1) with the winners to be announced next week.