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With the 2016 MLU Season in the books, lets look back at some of the best plays from the year.  Now that we’ve looked at the catches, throws, blocks and skies that lead to many of this seasons goals, check out the second half of our Top 10 Celebrations from this past season of MLU action.

After a weeklong fan-vote on Facebook, here are you Top 5 Celebrations of 2016:

#5: Philip Davidson – Vancouver Nighthawks

#4: Evan Klein and teammates – Seattle Rainmakers

#3: Henry Phan and Khalif El-Salaam – Seattle Rainmakers

#2: Tom O’Connor and Nick Patel – Philadelphia Spinners

#1: Matt Esser and Jack Casey – Philadelphia Spinners

Check out the first half of our Top 10 Celebrations:

#10: Taylor Nadon – Vancouver Nighthawks 

#9: Cam Bailey – Seattle Rainmakers

#8: Billy Sickles and Himalaya Mehta – Philadelphia Spinners

#7: Khalif El-Salaam – Seattle Rainmakers

#6: David Brandolph and Matt Glazer – Philadelphia

Other Top 10’s:

2016 Top 10 Layout Catches

2016 Top 10 Throws

2016 Top 10 Blocks

2016 Top 10 Skies