On March 26, the Bay Area Disc Association will host their 7th Annual Huck Cancer hat tournament and fundraiser for LIVESTRONG, in remembrance of Eric Arons. 

Eric Arons remains a pillar of the ultimate community in the Bay Area.

He was on the board of the Bay Area Disc Association, a clinic director, a team captain, and one of the most inclusive members of the community. It’s only fitting that the Eric Arons SF Rec. League is named after one of their most influential members.

“Eric was an incredibly warm, kind, smart, charismatic guy who made everything that he touched the better for it,” Erin Hartman, one of the tournament’s organizers, said. “An amazingly eloquent writer to boot. I was lucky enough to be on a rec league team with Eric as the captain. He embodied spirit of the game in every sense.”

In 2009, doctors discovered a tumor in Arons’ brain, devastating the Bay Area Ultimate community. The Huck Cancer Ultimate Frisbee Tournament was born shortly thereafter, to help raise money for all types of cancer. The tournament, which held its first event in March of 2010 and every spring in San Francisco since, has over 100 participants annually.

Since 2010, Huck Cancer has raised more than $250,000 for LIVESTRONG.

This year, the tournament takes place on March 26 at Beach Chalet Fields in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

“I’ve been helping organize and participating in this event since its inception,” Hartman said. “We founded Huck Cancer in 2009 and had our first tournament in 2010. While it started in solidarity with Eric as a way to rally together to help people with cancer, it also has been important to me to honor and remember all my loved ones who’ve been affected by cancer.

“And it has become much more. My life is forever better for having known Eric and everyone I’ve met through Huck Cancer and LIVESTRONG. This journey has also helped me gain strength and courage in facing some of my own challenges.”

Huck Cancer’s relationship with LIVESTRONG extends beyond the San Francisco Ultimate community. Hartman and and the rest of the Huck Cancer team have participated in numerous LIVESTRONG Ride for the Roses events in Austin since 2010.

“It is an amazing experience to meet other people from around the country who do what we do–rally together to help those with cancer,” Hartman said. “At the events, we also have met many cancer survivors who were so moved by the help LIVESTRONG gave them that they too decided to raise money for LIVESTRONG and help others.”

LIVESTRONG, partnered with Huck Cancer since 2010, was the best charity fit for them event because they embody the same characteristics and values that Arons did.

“It was important to us to choose a charity that helped people with all kinds of cancer,” Hartman said. “LIVESTRONG encourages people with cancer and cancer survivors to remain active and stay strong, like Eric did. They offer support for caregivers and programs for children whose parents have cancer.

“Having met people that LIVESTRONG has helped, we can see the impact of our work and the community of inspiration among its supporters and cancer survivors. It’s incredibly meaningful.”

You can sign up to play in this year’s Huck Cancer Tournament, a one-day, coed hat tournament, here

You can donate to Huck Cancer’s participation in community fundraising here