Photos by Marshall Goff and Scobel Wiggins –

Danny Quarrel of the Portland Stags and Sam Rosenthal of the Boston Whitecaps have been named the Coaches of the Year for the 2015 season.

The Coach of the Year awards go to the coaches who have led their teams in reaching and surpassing their goals throughout the season. Votes were cast for individual coaches in each conference.

In 2014 when Michael Knapp and Danny Quarrell took over as co-head coaches, the Stags were the last in the league at 1-9. The coaching duo turned the team around and surprised everyone with an 8 – 2 season. Mike Knapp was awarded the Coach of the Year award in 2014 and credited the success to Quarrell.

The 2015 Stags took the conference title with an even stronger record of 9-1, and while they were again defeated in the Western Conference Finals, the Stags have built a successful franchise thanks to the leadership of Coach Quarrell. This year Quarrell takes home the award after leading the Stags to their best season to date despite losing key players from the 2014 season.

While the Boston Whitecaps had a rough start with an 0-2 record, Coach Rosenthal was able to turn the season around, going on a five-game winning streak and the eventual conference title. Boston had been a powerhouse for the last two seasons, but they entered this season as the underdog after losing some key players. After adjusting their strategy amidst a tidal wave of injuries, the Whitecaps became one of the most feared teams in the East once again.

This Saturday, Coach Rosenthal and the Whitecaps look to build on the winningest franchise in MLU history (22-8 regular season, 3-1 postseason) with their second MLU Championship.

Final Ballot

Eastern Conference:

1. Sam Rosenthal (Boston)
2. Billy Maroon (Philadelphia)
3. Kevin Moldenaur (D.C.)
4. Anthony Nuñez (New York)
5. Will Smolinski (D.C.)

Western Conference:

1. Danny Quarrell (Portland)
2. Steve Gussin (Seattle)
3. Andrew Lugsidn (Vancouver)
4. Justin Safdie (San Francisco)