Photos by Pete Guion and Brian Chu –

Major League Ultimate announced today that Brad Houser and Delrico Johnson have been named 2016 Offensive Players of the Year.

Brad Houser of the Seattle Rainmakers and Delrico Johnson of the Washington D.C. Current earned the Western and Eastern Conference awards, respectively. The Offensive Player of the Year award is given to the most outstanding offensive player in each conference during the regular season. 

Houser, in his second year with the Rainmakers, saw his role in the offense expand greatly in 2016, essentially doubling his output in almost all offensive categories. The 6’0” cutter out of Bellevue College lead his team to their second best record in franchise history, finishing 7-3 on the season. While only seeing a slight bump in offensive points played (133 in 2016, 125 in 2015), Houser tallied an impressive 29 goals and 16 assists this season, up from 15 goals and 8 assists in 2015. He was tied for the league lead in goals scored (29) and second in the league in total points (45).

Johnson, a fourth year veteran with D.C., also saw a significant change this season, switching to the O-line after spending 291 of his career 340 points on defense.  The 6’0” cutter from Towson University has been a staple of MLU highlights for years, but his offensive showing in 2016 proved just how truly versatile Johnson is as an ultimate athlete. Playing almost exclusively on offense, Johnson lead the Current in points scored (34) and goals caught (22), and posted the second most assists on the team (12). While his offensive output skyrocketed, doubling his career best for points scored, Johnson maintained his dominance on the other side of the disc, recording 10 blocks (tied for most on the team).

Western Conference Ballot:

  1. Brad Houser (SEA)
  2. Cody Bjorklund (PDX)
  3. Timmy Perston (PDx)
  4. Gabe Saunkeah (SF)
  5. Raphy Hayes (PDX)

Others receiving votes: Clay Dewey-Valentine (SEA), Erik Hunter (VAN), Evan Klein (SEA)

Eastern Conference Ballot:

  1. Delrico Johnson (DC)
  2. Billy Sickles (PHL)
  3. Lloyd Blake (DC)
  4. Matt Glazer (PHL)
  5. Sean Mott (NY)

Others receiving votes: David Brandolph (PHL), Tanner Halkyard (BOS), Mat Little (BOS), Piers McNaughton (BOS), Michael Panna (PHL), Jake Taylor (BOS), Scott Xu (NY)