Major League Ultimate released the first installment of their new video series today. Esser’s Adventures chronicles the experience of the Philadelphia Spinners’ Matt Esser as he travels to Colombia to teach ultimate and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

The eight episode series follows Esser and his friend and fellow ultimate player Jared Seyler, as they navigate a foreign country and teach the skills and spirit of ultimate along the way.

Early in 2016, Esser reached out online to a Colombian club team, Barranquilla Ultimate, and immediately established a connection. Through support from the MLU and an online crowd-funding campaign, Esser and Seyler were able to make the trip and also provide transportation for over 100 kids to travel up to 100km to play in a two-day tournament.

“The best part of the trip for me was forming new friends with hundreds of people that on the surface are so different than myself,” said Esser. “It was also awesome to see people having fun and being competitive while upholding the spirit of ultimate frisbee.”

Teaching basic ultimate skills and organizing co-ed pickup games, Esser and Seyler made an impression on the community that they immersed themselves in.

“The job done by Matt Eesser really helped our teams to have a new understanding of the sport and, more importantly, encouraged new initiatives to promote ultimate frisbee,” said Andres Perez, Chief Financial Officer of the Barranquilla Ultimate Committee. “We are now looking forward to implement all of his recommendations, just after he left, a recreational mixed league started as a product of his appreciation.”

Directed and edited by Connor Lyons, a staff producer at MLU Films, Esser’s Adventures’ narrative is both entertaining and informative.

“Matt and Jared shot so much footage,” said Lyons. “I wanted to preserve the natural feel of their Colombian experience, while also developing an entertaining narrative for the viewer… Matt’s humor really comes through, and you find yourself feeling uplifted and charmed by the whole thing.”

Esser and the MLU invite you to experience the joy of ultimate in one of the places that loves it best. Tune in to new episodes every Monday at