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The 2015 MLU season has come and gone and with it we crown the first crop of fantasy winners. I don’t want to brag or anything but I may or may not have won the MLU office league. I was able to ride a Dave Hochhalter double header to fantasy glory. It also didn’t hurt that I had Jeff Graham.

While a ton of Nighthawks had high scoring weekends, there were a number of other players that may have been a deciding factor in your championship matchup. If you had any of these following seven on your active roster, you most likely spent the season sitting on a throne of unanimous victory, looking down upon a world of merciless defeat and late round draft picks. Those with these players stood above and beyond other competitors who insisted on playing some lesser players such as, I don’t know, Billy Sickles.

Perfect 7

Morgan Hibbert | San Francisco Dogfish | 61.70 points

It was probably a long and frustrating season for Morgan Hibbert and the rest of the Nighthawks. They ended the season at 3-7 but were in position to win in most of their contests. Morgan Hibbert made sure over the weekend that the Nighthawks wouldn’t finish last in the division. Four goals, eight assists and four blocks later, the Hawks win a game and you win your fantasy league.

Dave Hochhalter | Vancouver Nighthawks | 38.90 points

Not to be outdone by his formally redheaded teammate, Hochhalter anchored the Vancouver D-line over the weekend with two goals, seven assists and recorded two blocks.

Eric Stevens | Boston Whitecaps | 30.80 points

It was painful to watch the Whitecaps absolutely destroy the Spinners last weekend. Once the second quarter started the Spinners forgot how the play ultimate and it seemed like every time there was a turnover Eric Stevens was throwing an assist.

Bren Byerley | Seattle Rainmakers | 31.65 points

Byerley would have slotted into the defender slot if the two on this list didn’t have more phenomenal weekends. Byerley recorded three blocks and caught six passes. Four of those six went for goals though.

Lloyd Blake | D.C. Current | 29.35 points

Lloyd Blake’s stat line wasn’t too impressive but Callahans are good for your fantasy team. More Callahans = more fantasy wins.

Brendan Wong | Vancouver Nighthawks | 43.50 points

Wong filled out his stat sheet pretty nicely over the weekend. Four goals, four assists and three blocks would normally be enough to grab the superstar spot on the weekly Perfect 7 but not this week Brendan, not this week.

Delrico Johnson | D.C. Current | 42.80 points

In a game that really didn’t mean anything at all Rico decided to kick it into an extra gear. He had a game high four goals and three blocks while also throwing for two assists. The game didn’t really matter but his fantasy points sure did.