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It was a relatively calm weekend on the fantasy front. Half of the league was on a bye as only the Rumble, Spinners, Stags and Rainmakers suited up to throw some plastic. While said plastic throwing went extremely well for a certain Philadelphia-based ultimate team, New York had the look of a broken team halfway through the second quarter. The West Coast was able to at least offer some semblance of drama. The Rainmakers went into the locker room up a goal and at times looked the better team. Seattle wasn’t able to convert the numerous break opportunities and even with another Callahan (that makes three this year already), the Rainmakers just couldn’t keep up with the Stags. I’m interested to see these two teams meet again with Mark Burton in the lineup.

Perfect 7

Topher Davis | Portland Stags | 61.20 points

Topher just wanted to remind all of you that he’s still one of the best players in the league. While teammates Timmy Perston and Cody Bjorklund are leading the league is goals and assists, respectively, Topher has been quietly producing big fantasy numbers. Three goals, four assists and three blocks were enough to nab Davis this week’s highest fantasy output.

Michael Panna | Philadelphia Spinners | 31.90 points

If you just glanced at the game’s box score, the Spinners D-line players may have seemed like they were playing offense all night. This may have had to do with the fact that the Rumble didn’t break the Spinners once all game… This meant that the Spinners D-line saw a ton of playing time and players like Panna made the most of it. Not only did he contribute two blocks to the cause, he was able to toss five assists, tying him for a team high five points.

Evan Klein | Seattle Rainmakers | 29.40 points

Evan Klein has been doing a little bit of everything for the Rainmakers this season. It may have taken longer than people originally thought but Klein is starting to produce in a big way for Seattle as well as his fantasy owners. Over his last three games Klein has grabbed eight goals, thrown seven assists and recorded four blocks. If he can keep up this pace he may just walk away with the Western Conference Rookie of the Year award.

Timmy Perston | Portland Stags | 24.40 points

Just another day at the office for Timmy. Perston caught six more goals on Sunday, bringing his league leading total to 27.

Clay Dewey-Valentine | Seattle Rainmakers | 22.70 points

It was nice to see Dewey-Valentine get his Callahan. Stingy dump defender defense is truly an art form that doesn’t get nearly the amount of recognition that it deserves. Dewey-Valentine was a menace in the backfield all day and while he didn’t record any other stats. If you had to pick one, you could do worse than a Callahan.

Tom O’Connor | Philadelphia Spinners | 34.40 points

Coach Billy Maroon gave O’Connor the start on the Philly D-line and was rewarded for his faith in the rookie. More on him later.

Peter Woodside | Portland Stags | 27.75 points

Ah to be tall. Peter Woodside continues to score break goals at a record-setting pace. It also doesn’t hurt that he seems to come down with every last second huck. Both of his blocks came on such plays. Woodside now sits atop the table of most fantasy points scored this season. It will be interesting to see what Jeff Graham has to say about that.

Players Who Disappointed

Gabe Colton
Colton is never expected to be a huge numbers guy. He’s one of the best defenders in the league and is more than capable of running the Spinners offense with Dave Baer, once they’ve generated a break opportunity. On Sunday Colton’s only addition to the stat sheet was a single assist… But he also was responsible for seven turnovers.

John Wodatch
After starting the year on an absolute tear with seven points in his first two games, Wodatch has come back to earth to the tune of one point over the past two weeks. In Philly, Wodatch didn’t record a goal, assist or block. Not good for his Rookie of the Year campaign.

Billy Sickles
Sickles was held to just one assist for the second time this season. It’s been feast or famine for fantasy owners as the Rookie of the Year candidate has been a shadow or a superstar. Look for him to get back on track next week against D.C. Or he may throw a Callahan…you know, either or.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

We’re in Week 8 now and I’m running out of players to pick up… Almost all starting lineups for all eight teams are pretty much set so we aren’t going to be surprised by a rookie’s performance and rush to pick them up (because they’re probably already on a roster). With that being said however, I still think I have a few players who might be free agents.

Tom O’Connor
If last weekend was any indication of the amount of playing time O’Connor will be receiving, the remainder of the season you should snatch him up while he’s still available in your league. He’s a high energy defender who will produce blocks for you while taking care of the disc in possession.

Ben McGinn
In Week 4 McGinn made his way over to the O-line and saw his points double and his TPOP (Touchers Per Offensive Possession) triple. It looks like McGinn will be running the show for the remainder of the season with Tyler Cable.

Rob Robinson
After not recording a single stat in his first two games, Robinson has five points and three blocks to his name. Not too shabby for a player who isn’t starting on the Spinners first D-line. If he can keep playing this well it will be impossible for Coach Maroon to keep him out of the lineup.