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Did your team survive the Stagless Week 10? Were you able to overcome losing four of the league’s top six scorers? Did you ride San Francisco’s double header to a finals berth? Did David Hochhalter’s five blocks do anything for you? It was an exciting weekend for the MLU, as both division’s playoff spots were finalized making the last week of the season largely unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Luckily for us we don’t care about the actual standing and the real playoffs, we have fantasy to worry about.

Perfect 7

Gabe Saunkeah | San Francisco Dogfish | 61.70 points

The Dogfish may have lost both of their games but that didn’t stop Saunkeah from raking in the fantasy points. Over the course of the weekend he completed 48 of his 53 attempted throws. And he played in 54 points! He caught five goals, threw for two more and recorded three blocks. Saunkeah has my vote for rookie of the year but Evan Klein is making a push for some first place votes.

Mark Burton | Seattle Rainmakers | 37.20 points

Mark Burton is unbelievable. He’s on pace to break the single season scoring record set last year by Brendan Wong, become the first player to throw 30 assists and catch 30 goals in a season AND HE MISSED A GAME. The MVP race in the West has been between Cody Bjorklund and Timmy Perston. Maybe if the two can split enough votes Burton has a shot at the trophy.

Andrew Hooker | San Francisco Dogfish | 34.30 points

Hooker has quietly had a very impressive year for the Dogfish. Much like Calvin Oung from last season, Hooker has been a strong defensive player once the Dogfish commit turnovers. This weekend saw Hooker split his playing time almost completely down the middle between offense and defense and rewarded fantasy owners with a goal, six assists and two blocks.

Nick Thompson | San Francisco Dogfish | 41.05 points

If you started Nick Thompson in your league, odds are you made it to the final. Thompson just couldn’t stop scoring goals this weekend. A third of his catches went for goals. and even more of them were highlight reel grabs over multiple defenders.

Morgan Hibbert | Vancouver Nighthawks | 28.25 points

Hibbert’s Block numbers may be down from last season but that’s only because he’s too busy playing O-line and scoring to worry about getting the disc back. With two games left to play, Hibbert already has 11 more goals and seven more assists than all of last season combined. He’s on pace to become only the second member of the 20-20-10 club, joining Calvin Oung who accomplished the feat in 2013.

David Hochhalter | Vancouver Nighthawks | 50.45 points

There has only been one week this season in which Hochhalter has not recorded a block. With Morgan Hibbert’s transition away from defense Hochhalter has become the face of the Nighthawks defensive unit. With a double header this week Hochhalter should be a big reason that you win your fantasy league.

Sam Adamson | San Francisco Dogfish | 45.75 points

Adamson has himself a nice fantasy weekend. He played 43 total points and didn’t record a single turnover while completing all 17 of his throws. 4 blocks isn’t too shabby either.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

All of the Nighthawks…seriously. Alan Macfarlane and Ari Nitikman are still probably available in your league and are getting a significant amount of playing time for the Nighthawks.

Just remember to drop all of your Dogfish players.