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Fantasy playoffs are here! Hopefully you are one of the lucky few who finished in the top four of your fantasy league. And I also hope that you didn’t make your playoff push on the backs of the Portland Stags. You may have noticed that Timmy Perston, Peter Woodside, Topher Davis and Cody Bjorklund are four of the top five fantasy scorers in the MLU so far this season. Only Morgan Hibbert has scored more.

If you have one or two of these players, chances are you’re sitting in first place in your league but you’ll have to look elsewhere if you plan on winning this weekend.

Perfect 7

Timmy Perston | Portland Stags | 53.00 points

Timmy Perston somehow has 48 total points scored this year. The only week that Perston has recorded less than four goals and assists was Week 1 in a blowout where he only needed to play 11 points. Even if his throwing decisions from time to time may be a bit suspect, he still manages to be in the right place at the right time. Last week he reeled in six goals, threw for three more and got a couple of blocks for his troubles. Sadly fantasy owners will miss him next weekend.

Josh Markette | Boston Whitecaps | 36.80 points

No Jeff Graham? No problem. Still hampered with a hamstring issue, Jeff Graham spent most of his afternoon in the backfield during the seven points that he played and it was obvious that he was a step behind. Enter Josh Markette: 37 for 41 on his throws while catching two goals and throwing seven assists. He also had a goal-saving jumping point block. If Jeff Graham isn’t 100 percent over the last two weeks you can expect Markette to pick up the slack.

Ben McGinn | Portland Stags | 36.25 points

McGinn has quietly been one of the most reliable fantasy handler plays this season. After seeing a majority of his playing time on the defensive side of the disc last season as well as the first two weeks of this year, McGinn has been a high usage handler on one of the most prolific offenses in the league. He’s already racked up 20 assists on the year and this past weekend completed all 44 of his throws while throwing for seven assists.

John Wodatch | New York Rumble | 31.90 points

The younger Wodatch has been a highlight machine this season, and this past weekend in the Rumble’s game against Philadelphia was no different. He came down with a huge sky over Jake Rainwater and Trey Katzenbach at the end of the third quarter and then caught an ill-advised throw in the Spinners’ end zone for a Callahan that iced the game for New York.

Markian Kuzmowycz | New York Rumble | 25.20 points

Kuzmowycz has played phenomenally all season for a team in last place in the Eastern Conference. He did everything in his power to make sure that the Spinners didn’t clinch a playoff spot as he was all over the field for the Rumble on offense. He was able to put up four goals to go along with his two assists and added in a block for good measure.

Alex Simmons | Boston Whitecaps | 36.50 points

There’s something to say when a defensive handler has the second-most attempted throws in a game. Alex Simmons may have only scored one goal, but he played fantastic defense all afternoon and was a calming presence on Boston’s break opportunities. Oh and his one goal was a Callahan. Forgot to mention that.

Sean Parker | Portland Stags | 34.10 points

Any time you have a three-block game it is an impressive feat. Parker beat out players such as Chris Mazur, Delrico Johnson, Nick Thompson and William Vu for this Perfect 7 spot. Parker and Johnson were the only players to record three blocks while also not having any turnovers. The deciding factor was Parker’s two goals.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

I’m literally out of player recommendations for you. We’re so far into the season that if you’re still scavenging the free agent pool it’s pretty likely that you aren’t in the playoffs. For those of you with the Portland superstars on their bench for this week, the best I can suggest is for you to pick up as many Dogfish players as you can. San Francisco will play two games this weekend and any sort of contributor to their team is worth picking up and starting this weekend if you are truly desperate.

Of course check the injury reports in the coming week to see which Dogfish are making the trip for their double header. While bringing a short roster may be bad news for the Dogfish’s playoff hopes, it will mean a large amount of fantasy points for the players that do play in both games.