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The Rumble had a short bench for their game against the Philadelphia Spinners and I’m not going to say I told you so, with regards to New York players having big fantasy days, but I most certainly told you so.

Michael Hennessy: 3 goals, 3 assists, 2 blocks = 41.40 superstar points
Chris Kocher: 2 goals, 1 assist, 2 blocks = 35.1 superstar points
Chris Mazur: 1 goal, 4 assists, 1 block = 33 superstar points
Andrew Hollingworth: 2 goals, 1 assist, 1 block = 24.1 superstar points
Dave Vuckovich: 1 goal, 3 assists, 1 block = 23.5 superstar points
Marques Brownlee: 3 goals, 1 block = 20.5 superstar points
Robbie Gillies: 2 goals, 1 block = 17.3 superstar points

It wasn’t just the Rumble however; fantasy points were being scored in bunches all over the league. Evan Boucher broke out of his rut to the tune of 40.5 points. Peter Woodside is the frontrunner for fantasy MVP, recording four more blocks and upping his season goal total to 10 (nine of which are breaks).

The list goes on..

Perfect 7

Riley Meinershagen | Portland Stags | 44.9 points

While Meinershagen missed the Stag’s week 2 matchup, his OSE and DSE (offensive and defensive scoring efficiency) splits with two games played are absolutely insane. 71.4 OSE, 51.7 DSE. I’ll repeat, 51.7 DSE. Through two games when Riley has played on a defensive point (That means the Stags are pulling) Portland has scored 51.7 percent of the time. I’ll just leave that there.

Michael Hennessy | New York Rumble | 28.6 points
Chris Mazur | New York Rumble | 25.75 points

With a short bench both Mazur and Hennessy each played a boatload of points, and their fantasy numbers really were the winners this last weekend. Both were all over the field and got more than their fair share of touches. While roster depth may have been New York’s downfall against Philadelphia, this team has talent and I’m excited to see them play with a full team.

Evan Boucher | San Francisco Dogfish | 32.05 points

Boucher has been somewhat of a disappointment for fantasy owners so far this season. That’s not to say he hasn’t been producing. Boucher had respectable numbers through the first two weeks of the season and was a key cog in the Dogfish offense. Fantasy owners who spent a first round pick weren’t getting the return on their investment that they were expecting. Exit Week 3 with the five goals and four assists that came with it and be happy.

Matt Glazer | Philadelphia Spinners | 26.7 points

Don’t look now but Matt Glazer is leading the league in goals with 13. Glazer has a nose for the end zone and is an absolute match made in heaven with do-everything cutters like Ben Scharadin, Jake Rainwater and Billy Sickles. This isn’t to say that Glazer can’t also do it all, he’s only one of four primary cutters to have a TPOP (touches per offensive possession) over one.

Peter Woodside | Portland Stags | 46.45 points

Taking into account Woodside’s average draft position in the seventh round, NO ONE is giving you more bang for your buck. It’s only Week 3 and he’s two break goals away from setting the MLU single season record. The Stags will continue to produce break opportunities at an extremely high rate and they’re going to keep feeding their big man.

Matt Esser | Philadelphia Spinners | 32.45 points

This is the Matt Esser that won rookie of the year in 2014. Throwing his body around, doing absolutely everything in his power to get to the disc before his opponent to record a block. With five blocks already to his name, Esser should continue to be a great play for the remainder of the season, especially if he plays the last seven games with the same fire we saw last Saturday.

Why’d I Play You There!

Evan Boucher
His five-goal, four-assist performance is what the superstar spot is made for. While you couldn’t go wrong playing him anywhere, missing out on an extra 10 points is never fun.

Brad Houser
He scored three goals and recorded two blocks for the Rainmakers. If you played him as a handler I’d understand if you were upset.

David Abram
Playing him anywhere but as a defender. Another week, another two blocks.

Players Who Disappointed

Billy Sickles – 4.3 superstar points
In a week where the Spinners were missing Jake Rainwater, all signs were pointing to a big night from Sickles. Instead Matt Glazer took all the glory. Shake it off and get back out there kid.

Brendan Wong – 7.5 superstar points
I’ll cut the man some slack since he was nursing an injury but it was strange seeing Wong only find the end zone twice all day during such a high-scoring affair.

Matt Kissman – 3.4 superstar points
With so many Dogfish players not making the trip to Seattle I’m sure fantasy owners were expecting a little more from Kissman.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

David Abram
That’s now three straight weeks with two blocks from Abram. While he hasn’t found the end zone since Week 1, his blocks are more than enough to keep your fantasy team happy.

David Hochhalter
The guy just keeps getting blocks, and while he saw a majority of his playing time on the defensive side of the disc in Weeks 1 and 2, on Sunday he saw some time with the Nighthawks offensive unit and was able to grab a goal and assist. Pick him up if you still can.

Dave Vuckovich
He’s only on this list because he was the most dropped player in all of MLU Fantasy last week. I don’t know what any of you people were thinking. Go pick him back up…Like right now…

Nick Purifico
He lives! After missing Weeks 1 and 2, Purifico slotted right into Philadelphia’s D-line and got himself two blocks. He’ll be a mainstay on that D-line as well your fantasy team if he can stay healthy. Which is a big if.