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What a weekend! D.C. loses back to back games. Boston looks like they’re ready to run the table. New York’s O-line doesn’t commit a single turnover in the first half. Timmy Perston scores six goals with two broken fingers. Peter Woodside is on pace to obliterate the record for most break goals scored in a single season. But let’s talk about the important things in life: fantasy points. I know that you gave yourself a little fist pump when Jackson Stearns and Peter Prial got your team an extra 10 points with blocks on last second hucks.

With three teams across the league on byes, owners were scrambling to make pick-ups to fill out their rosters. Even though D.C. had a double header and fantasy owners were expecting huge scoring outputs from every rostered Current member, if you didn’t play Markham Shofner, Peter Prial, Andrew Cantone or Alan Kolick odds are you weren’t too happy with the amount of fantasy points D.C. got you this weekend.

Perfect 7

Alan Kolick | D.C. Current | 69.8 points

Kolick was one of the lone bright spots for the Current this weekend. While the D.C. offense never seemed to get into a groove, Kolick was responsible for just one turnover over his 68 attempted throws this weekend. Add his three goals, seven assists, and two blocks to the equation and you have a recipe for winning your weekly matchup.

Josh Markette | Boston Whitecaps | 29.65 points

It’s amazing what a difference a full game from Josh Markette can do for the Boston Whitecaps. Boston’s offense with Markette at the helm is an absolute pleasure to watch and if Markette can complete 45 of his 47 attempted throws each week I’d say teams are going to have a hard time taking down the Whitecaps.

Josue Alorro | New York Rumble | 23 points

The New York Rumble O-line may have played their best game in two seasons but you can’t win a game of ultimate, at any level, if your D-line doesn’t produce breaks. While the Rumble may have had a hard time converting their break opportunities, Alorro was a calming presence for New York and was a huge reason that the Rumble came away with the upset over D.C. on Sunday.

Peter Prial | D.C. Current | 47.15 points

This is the type of performance you were expecting from Prial when you took him in the first round of your draft: six goals, three assists, four blocks. His seven turnovers kept him from being the highest scoring fantasy player this weekend. Fingers crossed that D.C.’s offense can shake off this past weekend and get back on track.

Timmy Perston | Portland Stags | 29.5 points

Let’s add broken fingers to the list of things that won’t prevent Timmy from finding the end zone. With six goals on Sunday, Perston sits alone atop the league leaders in goals scored with 15. The way that the Stags are producing, both on offense and defense, I don’t see Perston’s production slowing down anytime soon.

Andrew Cantone | D.C. Current | 34 points

Cantone Split playing time over the weekend on offense and defense and played exceptionally in both roles. While almost all of his fantasy scoring was done on Saturday against the Whitecaps(29.45 points) it is noteworthy to mention that it was Sunday, not Saturday, that Cantone played primarily on offense.

Jackson Stearns | San Francisco Dogfish | 24.3 points

Stearns did the dirty work for the Dogfish in a losing effort against the Stags. Like 90 percent of the premier defenders in the league, defensive contributions don’t really show up on the stats sheet. Luckily Stearns was able to throw for a couple of assists to go along with a pair of blocks.

Players Who Disappointed

The D.C. Current
With two games in one weekend, fantasy owners everywhere were expecting fantasy outputs from everyone on the D.C. roster. This is what we got instead:

John Agan: 1.3 points
Brent Bellinger: 1.7 points
Tom Doi: 1.6 points
Ben Fleming: 7.4 points
Brian Marshall: 1.3 points
Ryan Nam: 0.2 points
Erik Salmi: 10.6 points
Seth Wiggins: 16.6 points
Jeff Wodatch: 7 points (only played one game)

Misha Herscu
With players returning to the Boston lineup Misha has made his way to the defensive side of the disc. I don’t recommend dropping Herscu but don’t expect him to put up the same fantasy numbers that he put up in Week 1.

Riley Meinershagen
How Does Meinershagen follow up a stellar Week 3 fantasy performance? 0.5 points… Just a bad week, don’t panic.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

Gabe Saunkeah
The last two weeks have seen Saunkeah earn more and more playing time. He’s averaged 28.5 touches and five goals + assists over that span as well. If you’re looking for handler depth on your team give him a roster spot.

Adrian Banerji
What’s better than a defender who routinely guards a team’s top player? That same defender getting blocks and throwing an assist here and there. I’m talking about Banerji if that wasn’t clear.

Michael McGuirk
I’ve spoken about how good McGuirk has been for the Dogfish O-line before and while his TPOP (touches per offensive possession) and secondary assist numbers have been extremely high through three weeks, he wasn’t finding the end zone himself. That changed on Sunday as McGuirk scored two goals and threw for three more.