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There were a whole lot of goals scored this past weekend. The 194 goals was the highest weekend total in the MLU in two years. The next closest was Week 6 of last season with 169. That’s a difference of 25 goals. Naturally, at the pace that teams were scoring, a few records were bound to fall. Here’s a rundown of broken records from the weekend:

1. The Rumble and Whitecaps combined to score 55 goals Saturday afternoon. Not to be outdone, the Nighthawks and Rainmakers scored 55 of their own just a few hours later. The Nighthawks have now been involved in three of the five highest scoring games over the past two seasons.

2. The Whitecaps scored 11 goals in the first quarter against the Rumble, the highest single quarter total in MLU history.

3. Robbie Gillies caught seven goals, breaking the Rumble’s single game record.

4. Over the last two seasons, only one player has recorded 12 or more points (goals and assists) in a single game. On Saturday Tyler Chan, Mark Burton and Morgan Hibbert all recorded more than 12 points.

Perfect 7

Mark Burton | Portland Stags | 63.80 points

Even after missing a week of action, Mark Burton is the league’s leading scorer with 42 points. As it stands, the Rainmakers are on a collision course with the Stags for the Western Conference title. Is it possible that Portland can lose another home playoff game and miss out on the MLU Championship game? It’s almost certainly definitely almost positively a maybe with the way Seattle has played with their full roster.

Morgan Hibbert | Vancouver Nighthawks | 49.50 points

Along with Jeff Graham and Peter Prial, Morgan Hibbert is chasing the 20-20-10 club. That’s 20 goals, 20 assists and 10 blocks for those of you not in the know. Hibbert is now sitting on 13 goals, 20 assists and 10 blocks. It’s not out of the question that he can reel in seven goals over the Nighthawks’ last four games.

Tyler Chan | Boston Whitecaps | 47.90 points

Tyler Chan officially has my Rookie of the Year vote. Through the first few weeks of the season I chalked up Chan as a high energy deep threat and nothing more. After paying more attention to his spatial awareness and timing the past few weeks, I’m baffled that he’s only 22 years old. He’s been a safety valve as a downfield receiver on a team full of veterans and by the looks of it, he’s getting comfortable throwing downfield (something he wasn’t doing early in the season).

Robbie Gillies | New York Rumble | 37.50 points

Perfect weather conditions and huck happy handlers make for a pretty nice day at the office for Gillies. Robbie was in rare form, coming down with 50-50 discs that 90 percent of the league wouldn’t have even attempted to grab.

Alan Kolick | D.C. Current | 34.00 points

Alan Kolick attempted 48 throws… Alan Kolick completed 48 throws… Kolick was a man on a mission on Saturday and had one of his best MLU games.

Charles Eyrich | Vancouver Nighthawks | 35.15 points

The Nighthawks may not be winning a ton of games this year but that hasn’t stopped the top of their roster from churning out stellar fantasy outputs. Add Eyrich to that list. After the weekend he’s sitting on 15 goals, 12 assists and five blocks. Not bad.

Matt Esser | Philadelphia Spinners | 31.55 points

Matt Esser hasn’t been as dominant as he was during his Rookie of the Year campaign a season ago, much of his points decline can be attributed to the lack of time he’s seeing on offense. Last season Esser was a league leader in total points played and saw almost a 50-50 split in playing time on offense and defense. This year? 95 percent of the points Esser has played have been on defense. This hasn’t stopped him from racking up some highlight-reel blocks though.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

I’m really running out of players to pick up here people. If your team is still terrible there isn’t much I can do for you at this point. Lucky for you there were two players this past weekend who played a major role in their team’s offense and if their usage rates continue for the remainder of the season then they are most certainly worthy of a pickup.

Jonathan Neeley | D.C. Current
Neeley has been playing on the D.C. O-line all season but it wasn’t until this past weekend that he put up some impressive numbers. Maybe with Markham Shofner moving over to defense, the D.C. coaching staff may have told Neeley to take more shots. Whatever it was, it paid off.

Samuel Creed | Vancouver Nighthawks
Sam Creed attempted 47 throws on Saturday. Sure some of that may have something to do with the record-setting pace of goals being scored, but if Creed can lead the team in attempted throws like he did on Saturday, then the Nighthawks doubleheader Week 11 (Fantasy Championships) is looking mighty tasty.