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While Boston may have gone 0-2 on opening weekend, if you had a few Whitecaps pulling double duty there’s a good chance you won your matchup this week. If you only started Jeff Graham at superstar, Teddy Browar-Jarus at handler and Miles Montgomery-Butler at defender, you would have scored 162.5 points. The average point total of teams this week, with full rosters, was 93.35. If Montgomery-Butler and Browar-Jarus stick around on the O-line this year, then you’re looking at a top 30 fantasy play every week from both of them.

Let’s not forget the other Whitecaps who had big weekends:

1. Christian Foster had five goals, an assist and a block. Go pick him up if he’s available in your league.

2. Misha Herscu also contributed five goals, an assist and a block but when Boston get’s healthy, it’s Christian Foster I see moving back to the D-line, making Herscu a valuable longterm pickup.

3. Misha Sidorsky was on fire on Saturday against Philadelphia. During the 9 offensive points he played (he also played one D-line point), he scored two goals and threw for another two. Before Sidorsky left the game with an injury, the Whitecaps were scoring 88.9 percent of the offensive points he played. If his injury isn’t too serious, then he’s a must add to your team, especially with Josh Markette slated to return.

Two more tidbits from Boston before we get into the weekend’s Perfect 7:

– I’m very impressed by Matt Little’s play over the weekend. He took care of the disc, even in the tornado-like conditions against D.C. Two of his three incompletions were dropped. He only scored a single goal and threw one assist but his role could expand, and he’s a nice pickup if you’re looking for roster depth.

Jake Taylor or Miles Montgomery-Butler. Who will lose playing time when Josh Markette is back? The answer could win or lose leagues for owners of either of the two.

Perfect 7

Jeff Graham | Boston Whitecaps | 79.3 points

In one of my leagues my entire team only scored 54.15 points. I think that says enough about Graham’s weekend. His 79.3 points even comes after -20 points from his turnovers.

Teddy Browar-Jarus | Boston Whitecaps | 40 points

Feed this man the disc. Teddy threw eight assists and did so in style. Break marks, hammers – I’m going to start a video series called Teddy’s Throws, chronicling every time he touches the disc in a game. Easily the best idea I’ve had in a while.

Alan Kolick | D.C. Current | 30.7 points

I was in D.C. watching what may have been the best game of ultimate I’ve seen in my life. I remember thinking to myself that Kolick didn’t seem to be putting his mark on the game the way that he normally does. Then I looked up and he had seven assists…and then threw the game-winning goal in double overtime to make it eight. Forgive me Alan, won’t happen again.

Miles Montgomery-Butler| Boston Whitecaps | 38.2 points

If it weren’t for Jeff Graham, Miles would have been the superstar of the week. He was the centering handler on almost every single one of Boston’s offensive points. His throws were crisp, he played amazing defense and he also has an incredible beard. Not to mention Gabe Colton covering him for a majority of their game was just a treat to watch.

Jake Rainwater | Philadelphia Spinners | 30.3 points

Jake Rainwater is a downfield receiver, not a handler. I say this because it only makes his stat line even more impressive: four goals, four assists, 40/40 on throws, 1.955 touches per offensive possession. This Philadelphia offensive unit is starting to look like a powerhouse in the making. Color me excited for this weekend’s matchup with the Current.

Dominique Gibson | D.C. Current | 40.9 points

Just another day at the office for Dom Gibson. Four blocks? Yawn. If you didn’t draft this kid I legitimately feel bad for you.

Jeff Wodatch | D.C. Current | 38.15 points

You won’t see Jeff Wodatch pop up in the top defender spot of the week very often. His goal and three assists only added to his three blocks on the game. Some may have been aided by the wind, but if he’s starting on your team I doubt that you mind.

Why’d I Play You There!

Cody Bjorklund
He would have gotten you 43 points if you had played him as your superstar. Those playing him at receiver only saw 24.3.

Alan Kolick
He actually got more points this week out of the handler position (30.7) due to his five turnovers than he would have gotten as your superstar (26.8), and you must be kicking yourself if you started him at receiver (only 14.5 points).

Teddy Brower-Jarus
If you played Browar-Jarus anywhere other than your superstar or handler position you missed out on a cool 20 points.

Players Who Disappointed

Peter Prial – 9 superstar points
While a four-goal game is nothing to roll your eyes at, his five turnovers gave team owners who started him as their superstar only nine points. Chalk it up to poor throwing conditions. You can’t keep Prial down for long.

Evan Boucher – 10.6 superstar points
A low-scoring affair limited Boucher’s playing time as well as his contribution to the game. Is Boucher going to be a player who’s only going to score you 10-15 points a game? With a stronger supporting cast around him, Boucher might not have to do as much as he did last year. Which is a scary thing to hear if he’s on your fantasy team.

Timmy Perston – 11.4 superstar points
If the Stags defensive unit can be as dominant as they were last week against the Rainmakers, Timmy won’t have to score 10 goals a game. I like it when Timmy scores 10 goals a game. Someone make the Stags D-line be worse.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

Peter Woodside – 32.6 superstar points
Let me paint you a picture with my word brush. The Stags D-line looked absolutely suffocating against Seattle. Peter Woodside gets blocks. The Stags are going to have a plethora of break opportunities. Peter Woodside is 6-foot-4 and likes to cut deep. The Stags have more than a few players who like to chuck it deep. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Billy Sickles – 33.7 superstar points
It’s looking like Philadelphia has found another Jake Rainwater in the making. It’s not that Sickles completed all 18 of his attempted throws, or that he threw for 3 assists, or that he recorded a block, or that he scored two goals, one of which was the score that iced the game for Philly. It’s that he opened up the field for other downfield targets like Matt Glazer and Ben Scharadin. I’d feel confident picking up any of the three if they’re still available in your league.

Tyler Cable – 15.7 superstar points
Cable looks like the swing man I thought the Stags would struggle to replace with the departure of Jeremy Norden. After a solid Week 1 where he completed 28 out of 29 throws in a game that was never really in doubt, I encourage everyone to give Tyler a roster spot. He’s only owned in 3 percent of leagues.

Jonathan Hayduk – 13.5 superstar points
If the weekend’s game against the Dogfish is any indication, Hayduk will be a mainstay on the Nighthawks offensive unit until someone takes the job from him. His expected usage is enough of a reason to take a flyer on him.

Ben Fleming – 28.5 superstar points
He went from inactive on Friday to making a game-saving layout block on Sunday. With the two-line system that the Current implement on their defense, it’s difficult to predict who will make plays, unless your name is Dom Gibson. If Fleming gets a reasonable amount of playing time he’ll produce blocks for your team.

Fun Fact of the Week

13 players recorded negative fantasy points. Yikes…hopefully they weren’t on your team.