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With five of the eight teams in the league already halfway through their seasons, both real and fantasy standings are starting to take shape. Enough games have been played that every team’s offensive and defensive playmakers are pretty much set in stone.

We know that Jeff Graham is the best player on the planet. Even nursing a hamstring injury last weekend, he was still able to score 40 fantasy points. He’s on pace to score 34 goals, throw 30 assists and record 10 blocks. If he can hit that 10 block plateau, he’ll be the first player in MLU history to join the 20-20-10 club. As a fan, I am constantly excited to witness his greatness every time he steps on the field as he creates the benchmark that all future players will be measured against. He is truly a pleasure to watch.

We also know that the Stags have more than a good chance at running the table. While Peter Woodside is getting all the glory for that defensive unit, it’s really the amazing management of the defense’s flow by Dan Suppnick and Grant Cole. If I had to cast my vote today for West Coast MVP right now? Suppnick, hands down. It’s a shame that his godly break throws don’t give you extra fantasy points.

Perfect 7

Jeff Graham | Boston Whitecaps | 40.30 points

See above. Even with his hamstring injury he was able to grab three goals, throw for three more, and get a block. Did I mention he didn’t have a single turnover while completing all 31 of his attempted throws?

Billy Sickles | Philadelphia Spinners | 35.45 points

Way to have a bounce back game. Last time out the Spinners were missing their best player in Jake Rainwater and Sickles was expected to step up in a big way. He was more than a little disappointing with his single assist performance against D.C. A 7-assist, 2-goal game is more than enough to help fantasy owners to move on. With Rainwater in the mix, Sickles will continue to rack up the fantasy points.

Nick Hirannet | Philadelphia Spinners | 24.80 points

Hirannet was the definition of a workhorse for the Spinners on Saturday. 24 points played, 46 out of 49 on his attempted throws, four goals, three assists. The Philly O-line is clicking, converting 55.14 percent of their offensive possessions and Hirannet is a huge reason for it.

Jeff Wodatch | D.C. Current | 30.90 points

Speaking of bounce back games. Coming off a 6-turnover game that included four drops against the Rumble, Wodatch went turnover free while catching five goals and throwing four assists.

Evan Klein | Seattle Rainmakers | 27.70 points

This Seattle O-line at full strength is an absolute powerhouse but it was Evan Klein on the Rainmakers D-line that was all over the field, hauling in five goals. His block and assist didn’t hurt either. Normally, primarily defensive players shouldn’t be relied upon for high goal-scoring games (unless your name is Peter Woodside) but Klein was enough of a playmaker on the turn to keep playing until he doesn’t produce.

Ben Faust | New York Rumble | 32.45 points

Faust’s three blocks said more about the Rumble’s O-line and their lack of converting than it did about Faust’s defensive ability. All 18 points that he played were on offense where he was primarily the centering handler. It is always nice to know that a player on your team has the ability to get the disc back when the offense doesn’t get it done. Faust did that on Saturday.

Riley Meinershagen | Portland Stags | 29.75 points

Meinershagen’s 3-block game put him back on track as a top fantasy defender. Just like Wodatch and Sickles, Riley was coming off of a less than stellar game. It’s looking more like it was just a bump in the road. Owners who stuck by their man were rewarded this weekend.

Players Who Disappointed

Jackson Stearns
With Evan Boucher being released from the Dogfish roster, Stearns played primarily on offense for the first time all season. Because of this Stearns was held without a block for only the second time all season and only managed to grab two goals.

Grant Cole
Zero goals, zero assists, zero blocks. Shake it off Grant, go get ‘em next week.

Jack Hatchett
Hatchett was the butt end of a few too many highlights on Saturday. Getting the assignment of covering Jake Rainwater is never easy. Hatchett didn’t come close to producing a block and only scored one goal.

Danny Trytiak
Normally Trytiak is a high volume scorer so his turnovers can take a back seat. This weekend the Seattle D-line was the star of the show and Trytiak didn’t have a chance to put up the numbers he normally does.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

Albert Alarcon
If you have Jibran Mieser on your team, odds are you’re panicking because he’s out for the season. If you’re looking for a replacement why not take his teammate? Alarcon has already been matching up with some of the league’s best players. He’s recorded a block the last two weeks so it’s worth taking a flier on him.

David Cranston
Cranston has recorded a block in every game he’s played thus far this season. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a versatile player that can play on both sides of the disc. If you’re looking to fill a roster spot, you could do a lot worse.

Matt Berezan
Just a friendly reminder that he’ll be returning to the lineup soon. If you have an impatient owner in your league who dropped Berezan because of his injury, give Berezan a roster spot. Remember, the Nighthawks have a double header in Week 11 – that’s fantasy championship week folks.