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New York missed opening weekend and it’s lack of offensive flow and defensive cohesion was apparent from the get go. It didn’t help that a mini hurricane decided to roam through Boston at game time. While the Rumble lost their matchup against the Whitecaps by eight goals, their fantasy outputs weren’t too shabby and at the end of the day that’s all we really care about.

Jibran Mieser is an absolute monster, more on that later.

Chris Kocher lived up to the hype and was one of the more impressive players on the field on Saturday. Once New York has the rest of their roster back, Kocher’s numbers should also take a nice jump.

– I look forward to watching John Wodatch go up for 50/50 discs with the best defenders on the east coast. I’ll be starting the sky’d by Wodatch collection. Coming soon to a theater near you.

Perfect 7

Jibran Mieser | New York Rumble | 67.1 points

Jibran Mieser is a star. It isn’t just that he recorded six blocks, it was the way that he got them. He forced poor throws all over the field and was rarely caught out of position. He came up huge with layout blocks as well as well-timed poaches. Not to mention that once this D-line finds its rhythm, Mieser will see more deep shots.

Mark Burton | Seattle Rainmakers | 38.55 points

Burton did everything he could to prevent the Rainmakers from falling to 0-2. Sadly his three goals, six assists and block couldn’t get the win for Seattle, but it more than likely won you your matchup.

Kirk Savage | Vancover Nighthawks | 34.7 points

This is the Kirk Savage we knew we were getting when we drafted him. He completed 48 of his 50 attempted throws and picked up five assists while catching three goals. The Nighthawks offensive unit looks like they’re beginning to come together and Savage is front and center.

Jordan Tessarolo| Vancouver Nighthawks | 30.4 points

Tessarolo may have been the missing link for Vancouver’s offensive woes in Week 1. Not only did Rolo catch four goals and throw for two more assists, his two blocks helped keep the Nighthawks ahead. If Vancouver continues to ride its veterans, Rolo will continue to produce points.

Jeff Graham | Boston Whitecaps | 24.4 points

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jeff Graham is the best player in the league. Period. End of story. Forget the 20-20-10 club. He’s on pace for 30 goals, 37 assists and 13 blocks this year. Absolutely unreal.

Christian Foster | Boston Whitecaps | 51.15 points

Christian Foster has had an MVP start to the season. It’s not his fault that he has to to share the field with Jeff Graham and was the butt end of a play that made it on SportsCenter. Not to be outdone by Jibran Mieser, Foster recorded five blocks of his own and added a goal and assist. With the Whitecaps roster beginning to take shape it looks like Foster will be a top 10 defender play the rest of the year.

Jack Hatchett | Boston Whitecaps | 39.25 points

The defending Eastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year missed the first two games of the season and made up for lost time with three blocks. He caught two goals for his troubles as well.

Why’d I Play You There!

Jibran Mieser
If you played him as a handler or receiver you lost out on 30 points.

Todd Sliva
If you played him as your defender, you received half the points for his four goals and two assists.

Peter Woodside
If you played him as a handler, the block and four goals didn’t help you as much as they should have.

Christian Foster
Christian Foster wasn’t your superstar this week.

Jack Hatchett
He didn’t get you 12 more points because you started him as you handler.

Players Who Disappointed

Andrew Hollingworth – -2.9 superstar points
Hollingworth didn’t find the end zone once and his three turnovers netted him a negative fantasy point total in his first MLU game.

Ben Fleming -2 superstar points
Fleming was flying high after Week 1. He recorded three blocks and ended up on SportsCenter but this week didn’t complete his only throw attempt and didn’t record any other stats.

Calvin Oung – -0.9 superstar points
One of the most reliable handlers in the league didn’t record a single assist, goal or block.

Michael Hennessy – 10.3 superstar points
While the pieces are certainly in place for Hennessy to be a top fantasy player this year, Week 1 and windy conditions weren’t a good match for a high-scoring affair.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

Matt Glazer
Last week I advised you to pick up Billy Sickles because of the space he opens up downfield for the rest of the Philly O-line. After two weeks it’s beginning to look like Glazer will be reaping the benefits the rest of the year. If he’s still a free agent in your league please do yourself a favor and pick him up.

John Wodatch
Like his brother, John is a big body who can go get the disc. Wodatch came up huge as both a defender and downfield target. If opening weekend is any indication of Wodatch’s role on this team. He’ll be getting a bunch of blocks and will pull down his fair share of goals as well.

Jeff Pape
With Daniel Trytiak and Todd Sliva returning to the starting lineup, Jeff Pape was able to take full advantage of not being the focal point of the Rainmakers offense to the tune of five goals.