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If you’re one of the four players in your fantasy league that made the playoffs, congratulations. If you didn’t make the playoffs you can do one of two things. The first is drop all of your players without telling anyone, send a mass email to your league and then watch the madness unfold as your friendships slowly deteriorate over a fake frisbee game. The second of which is you offer the best players on your team to people still in the playoffs for their first round pick next year and cash considerations. Either way you’re sure to make someone hate you and that makes me smile.

For those of you still actually competing in a relevant matchup this weekend, the stakes have never been higher. Playing someone as a handler instead of a defender can be the difference between fantasy glory and a year of heckling about your terrible team. It’s because of this that you need to keep an extra eye on the injury reports during the next couple of days. I guess I’m also here to help… kind of… Well, not really.

MLU Injury Report: Week 10


The Boston injury report is normally a mile long and filled with players that aren’t going to be an x-factor for your team. Since it’s the playoffs, the only thing that matters about the Whitecaps report is Jeff Graham and his probable status. This will be the third week that Jeff Graham has been listed as probable and over the last two weeks Graham has only played a total of 10 points, only attempted 17 throws and recorded only a single assist. Those aren’t numbers that are going to win you games in the playoffs. Do you cross your fingers and hope that he returns to his downfield playmaker role? Or do you sit him expecting him to spend a majority of his time behind the disc facilitating? I don’t know but the choice is going to drive me insane.

New York

Just like with Boston, the Rumble only have one player on their report that may change your lineup for the weekend. Marques Brownlee is listed as inactive this week. While Brownlee hasn’t been a fantasy superstar this season he’s been a solid play in the games that he’s been available for. He’s played in six of the eight New York games and has record at least one block in four of them. Continue to play your Rumble players with confidence, especially after their last away game in Boston where they scored 24 goals.


Nick Purifico is still serving a suspension and will not play this weekend. Matt Glazer is on the injury report again as probable with his wrist injury but he will play. In a must win game for the Spinners you should expect big games from Billy Sickles, Jake Rainwater and Nick Hirannet.


Jonathan Neeley will miss the game with a suspension but the bigger news is that defensive standouts Nate Castine and Seth Wiggins are listed as doubtful and questionable, respectively. The rest of the Current’s stars are good to go and Peter Prial needs to make up for lost time if he’s going to join the 20-20-10 club.


The Stags are on a bye this week.

San Francisco

If you’re planning on riding the Dogfish double header to your fantasy finals, you need to make sure you’re starting ones that are traveling for both of their games. Tommy Adams, Drew Kim, James Sheridan and Nick Weiss will not be playing in the double header. The Dogfish still have a chance to sneak into the playoffs and if they’re going to make it, it’ll be on the backs of players like Gabe Saunkeah and Andrew Hooker.


Following the trend, the Rainmakers are only missing Eddie Feeley this weekend but the good news is after a last second scratch from the lineup last week, Khalif El-Salaam is active for this weekend.


The Nighthawks injury report hasn’t gotten any prettier since last week as they’re still without Jordan Tessarolo, Aaron Loach, Matt Berezan and Kirk Savage. Joining them this week on the inactive list is William Vu and Samson Hoy. Brendan Wong is also listed as doubtful after missing last week’s game with a hamstring injury. Just a bad week to be a Nighthawks fan. There’s going to be a whole lot of Morgan Hibbert.

Top 10

With all of the injury news in mind, Tail Statistician Tim Brubaker and I have provided our own top ten players to start this week:

Luke Ryan

1. Gabe Saunkeah
2. Alan Kolick
3. Morgan Hibbert
4. Peter Prial
5. Jake Rainwater
6. Chris Kocher
7. Sam Adamson
8. Andrew Hooker
9. Chris Mazur
10. Josh Markette

Tim Brubaker

1. Jake Rainwater
2. Mark Burton
3. Josh Markette
4. Alan Kolick
5. Gabe Saunkeah
6. Tyler Chan
7. Chris Kocher
8. Charles Eyrich
9. Andrew Hooker
10. Evan Klein