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If you’ve made it this far in your fantasy league then you really don’t want a slip up right now. It’s finals week and these injury reports can be the difference between winning and losing your league. Let’s dive in.

MLU Injury Report: Week 11


The Current haven’t given much information with regards to their team’s injuries. What we do know is that Nate Castine and Seth Wiggins are inactive for the game. I wouldn’t be confident playing any of the Current this weekend. It’s a meaningless game for D.C. and the coaching staff may play around with a few different lines on offense and defense.


The injury bug has finally hit the Spinners for their most important game of the season. Defensive mainstays Leon Chou and Patrick Lindsey will be missing the game. On the offensive side of the disc Marshall Ward is doubtful and his backup Ian McClellan is inactive. As it stands it’s looking like Dave Baer, who has been a huge reason behind the Spinners’s defensive efficiency turnaround, will make the switch back to offense and Michael Panna will shift into Baer’s starting role on defense.

New York

Just like D.C., New York hasn’t mentioned much about their injury report, only that Andrew Hollingworth, Chris Gwinner and Brenton Hard will not be playing. Rookie of the year candidate Chris Kocher is also listed as questionable. Everything stated above about the Current can be said about the Rumble. I expect New York to throw the kitchen sink at D.C. and see what happens.


The Whitecaps have two inactives this week that may have a significant impact on the outcome of their game this weekend. Offensive starters Jake Taylor and Sam Kittross-Schnell will not be playing. The good news for fantasy owners is that the Spinners will now be seeing a lot more of Tyler Chan and Matt Little. I also have no clue what to make of Jeff Graham, will he play? If he plays will he play more than five points? Can you safely play him as your superstar? I don’t have any of these answers. But I’m starting him anyway.


Two important handlers are missing for the Stags this weekend: Tyler Cable from the offense and Dan Suppnick from defense. Eli Friedman is listed as probable with a leg injury but he should play. Consider this as business as usual for the first place Stags as I don’t expect them to let up on the gas.

San Francisco

The Dogfish are on a bye this week.


Eddie Feeley is the only inactive player this week that would be making an impact on your fantasy team this weekend. With a showdown with Portland on the horizon look for Seattle to work some of the kinks out of their offense and defensive sets.


Now we arrive to the most important injury report of the weekend. It’s championship weekend and the Nighthawks have a double header. If you’ve made it to the finals and Morgan Hibbert is on your team you’ve pretty much guaranteed yourself a fantasy league victory. Think of it this way. Hibbert is the highest scoring fantasy player so far this season by almost 50 points and he’s played one less game than the rest of the league. Here’s a list of players who will not be playing in this weekend’s double header. Jordan Tessarolo, Aaron Loach, Matt Berezan, Jonathan Hayduk, Gyorgy Aponte and Brendan Wong. There are a few players listed as questionable including Samson Hoy and Tierney FitzGerald. I wouldn’t take the risk. Instead I’d give your fantasy team a heavy dose of Morgan Hibbert, Brendan Wong, Ari Nitikman, Charles Eyrich, Sam Creed and David Hochhalter.

Top 10

With all of the injury news in mind, Tail Statistician Tim Brubaker and I have provided our own top ten players to start this week:

Luke Ryan

1. Morgan Hibbert
2. Brendan Wong
3. David Hochhalter
4. Charles Eyrich
5. Jake Rainwater
6. Mark Burton
7. Cody Bjorklund
8. Ari Nitikman
9. Topher Davis
10. Timmy Perston

Tim Brubaker

1. Morgan Hibbert
2. Charles Eyrich
3. Mark Burton
4. Nick Hirannet
5. Alan Kolick
6. Cody Bjorklund
7. Sam Creed
8. Josh Markette
9. Chris Kocher
10. Evan Klein