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For the first time in what feels like forever all eight teams will be playing this weekend. Fantasy owners that have been struggling to fill their rosters can take a deep breath and start the players that they drafted. Unless you drafted a terrible team. That I can’t help you with.

Injury Reports

Boston Whitecaps
New York Rumble

Philadelphia Spinners
D.C. Current
Vancouver Nighthawks
Seattle Rainmakers
Portland Stags
San Francisco Dogfish

Boston Whitecaps

Outside of the three starters for Boston that have yet to suit up there are a couple of inactives and a few injuries for the Whitecaps with major fantasy implications. Piers MacNaughton and Terry Roth will miss the weekend’s game against the Spinners but the real story lines are with Boston’s list of questionables. As an avid fantasy sports player there is nothing worse than the word questionable. You know that if a player is probable then they’re almost certainly playing. Questionable is a toss up, a toss up that can win or lose you your matchup. Josh Markette, Shaun Doherty, Misha Sidorsky, Sam Kittross-Schnell, Tyler Chan and Jeff Graham. When healthy, this is a full fantasy roster that will score 90-120 points. The most concerning injury is Jeff Graham’s hamstring. He sat out the fourth quarter against the Current and has a had a full week to recover. All indications are that Graham will do everything and anything it takes to get on the field so you should feel safe playing him.

New York Rumble

Not much to say about New York’s injury report. Mostly due to the fact that there really isn’t one. Michael Hennessy is listed as inactive, as is Tim MacGougan and Brian Walter. Chris Mazur is probable with an ankle injury but will play. That’s about it. Start your New York players.

Philadelphia Spinners

Two inactives for the Spinners this week that might hurt your fantasy team are Rob Robinson and Ben Scharadin. The good news is that without Scharadin in the lineup Jake Rainwater, Billy Sickles and Matt Glazer get to eat up all the extra fantasy points left on the table. Nick Purifico is questionable with a hamstring pull. If he plays then he’s a solid fantasy defender.

D.C. Current

The Current have four inactives that you’ll have to move to your bench this weekend. Ryan Nam, Brian Marshall and Nick Spiva are inactive for the weekend. The biggest inactive, however, is Markham Shofner. With Shofner missing this weekend we can expect a heavier workload for Lloyd Blake.

Vancouver Nighthawks

Matt Berezan is still out with a knee injury but don’t give up on him just yet fantasy owners. Michael LeRoss showed some promise two weeks ago but is also inactive this week. Every other Nighthawk that will contribute to your fantasy team looks good to go.

Seattle Rainmakers

The Rainmakers will be without their defensive leader in Eddie Feeley this weekend. That’s really the only bad news for your fantasy team, unless you’ve been starting Matt Neeley and Wes Simons, who are also inactive. The good news? KHALIF IS BACK! El-Salaam is finally making his season debut and fantasy owners should be giddy. Daniel Trytiak is known for his deep looks and Khalif will love nothing more than chasing them down. The Rainmakers may only be converting 40.45 percent of their offensive possessions this year but with Todd Sliva and El-salaam returning to the starting seven, this offense looks scary.

San Francisco Dogfish

The biggest news by far is that Evan Boucher is inactive for the Dogfish’s game against the Rainmakers. Bryan Cheng is out for another week with his shoulder injury. Emerging fantasy star Gabe Saunkeah is probable with a hamstring injury. Nick Thompson and Matt Kissman are both questionable. Outside of those five players, your fantasy team shouldn’t take too much of a hit.

Portland Stags

Eli Friedman misses yet another game this season. Joining him on the inactive list is Dan Shaw and Sean Parker. Eli Blackman is questionable with a neck injury. Timmy Perston is listed as probable with his broken fingers but after scoring six goals last weekend, I don’t think it’s going to be much of an issue.

Top 10

With all of the injury news in mind, Tail Statistician Tim Brubaker, Assistant Production Manager Greg Fallon and I have provided our own top ten players to start this week:

Luke Ryan

1. Jake Rainwater
2. Kirk Savage
3. Dom Gibson
4. Peter Prial
5. Morgan Hibbert
6. Chris Kocher
7. Jibran Mieser
8. Jeff Graham
9. Alan Kolick
10. Khalif El-Salaam

Tim Brubaker

1. Jeff Graham
2. Cody Bjorklund
3. Mark Burton
4. Alan Kolick
5. Peter Woodside
6. Josue Alorro
7. Jake Rainwater
8. Dom Gibson
9. Chris Mazur
10. Josh Markette

Greg Fallon

1. Timmy Perston
2. Jeff Graham
3. Peter Woodside
4. Morgan Hibbert
5. Alan Kolick
6. Jake Rainwater
7. Mark Burton
8. Khalif El-Salaam
9. Gabe Saunkeah
10. Jibran Mieser