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The major news that many of you may have missed this weekend was that Jibran Mieser and Evan Boucher won’t be playing the remainder of the season. Mieser because of injury, while Boucher has been released by the team. Both were major fantasy contributors and owners of either should be scrambling to fill the void in their starting seven.

MLU Injury Report – Week 6

Boston Whitecaps

The Whitecaps continue to have a laundry list of an injury report. Outside of the season-ending injuries to Rusty Ingold-Smith and Jon HirschbergerAdrian Banerji, Piers MacNaughton, Eric Wilburn and Jack Hatchett are inactive for this weekend’s game against the New York Rumble.

Misha Sidorsky, Christian Foster, Sam Kittross-Schnell and Shaun Doherty are questionable. The good news is that Josh Markette is absent from the injury report for the first time all season and Jeff Graham is probable but a definite go for Sunday.

D.C. Current

While Markham Shofner makes his return to the lineup this weekend, the Current still have two inactives listed for the weekend, but one of them is a biggie. Defending East Coast MVP Alan Kolick will not be playing. The Current managed to win a championship last year without him so I think they’ll survive. Your fantasy team on the other hand…

Nicky Spiva and Dom Gibson are both probable but all signs point to them seeing the field.

Philadelphia Spinners

The Spinners are healthy across the board outside of Patrick Diviney, Matt Esser and Ian McClellan. Diviney is inactive, Esser will be competing in the upcoming American Ninja Warrior competition, and Ian McClellan has a pulled left quad.

New York Rumble

Fantasy owners everywhere are upset that Jibran Mieser is out for the season. If you haven’t dropped him from your team, make sure to hit the free agent pool and see what you can dig up. Joining Mieser on the inactive list for this weekend is Andrew Hollingworth, Chris Gwinner and Sean Murray. Other than the inactives list, any Rumble players that you’d normally be starting should be a go.

Vancouver Nighthawks

Matt Berezan is inactive but is still worth a roster spot because of his potential scoring at the end of the season.

Samson Hoy is the only other Nighthawk on the injury report that you should consider playing and he is probable with a shoulder injury.

Seattle Rainmakers

Todd Sliva and Ben Beehner are listed as inactive this week. Just like the Spinners, the rest of the injury report is clean.

San Francisco Dogfish

This is the last time I’ll be mentioning Evan Boucher. Just make sure that you drop him. The Dogfish are missing some heavy hitters this weekend with James Pollard, David Abram and Jackson Stearns.

Gabe Saunkeah is still probable with a hamstring injury and Matt Kissman is questionable with a foot injury. Both are top fantasy plays if they can see the field.

Portland Stags

Ben McGinn, who really has come on strong the last couple of weeks, is inactive for this weekend. Joining him yet again is Eli Friedman and Grant Cole. All Eli Friedman owners need to hold on. When he comes back he’s a top five fantasy player in the league. Just make sure you’re still able to win games without him.

While the injury report says that Chris Hancock is doubtful to play… He broke his pelvis and dislocated his hip… I wouldn’t expect him to play the rest of the season, let alone this weekend.

Top 10

With all of the injury news in mind, Tail Statistician Tim Brubaker, Assistant Production Manager Greg Fallon and I have provided our own top ten players to start this week:

Luke Ryan

1. Mark Burton
2. Dom Gibson
3. Peter Prial
4. Jeff Graham
5. Timmy Perston
6. Morgan Hibbert
7. Gabe Saunkeah
8. Peter Woodside
9. Dan Suppnick
10. Jake Rainwater

Tim Brubaker

1. Jeff Graham
2. Peter Woodside
3. Billy Sickles
4. Peter Prial
5. Kirk Savage
6. Mark Burton
7. Timmy Perston
8. Markian Kuzmowycz
9. Charles Eyrich
10. Morgan Hibbert

Greg Fallon

1. Jeff Graham
2. Jake Rainwater
3. Markham Shofner
4. Morgan Hibbert
5. Peter Woodside
6. Timmy Perston
7. Chris Mazur
8. Peter Prial
9. Khalif El-Salaam
10. Mark Burton