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With half of the league not playing this weekend, chances are you’re frantically scrolling through the available players list trying to field a full roster. Fantasy playoffs are only three weeks away. So if you’re confident that your team is already in, don’t panic and drop a solid player just for the sake of filling out your roster. If you’re scratching and clawing your way into the postseason I suggest doing anything possible to make it happen.

Outside of New York, the injury reports for teams are fairly short.

MLU Injury Report: Week 7

New York

The Rumble are missing some heavy hitters this weekend: Dave Vuckovich, Chris Kocher, Marques Brownlee and Tim MacGougan are all listed as inactive. Josue Alorro is also listed as doubtful, and it’s looking like he won’t take the field. This just opens up some big fantasy possibilities for Chris Mazur and Mike Hennessy. If either are on your team you should feel good about your chances.


Everyone on Philadelphia’s roster looks like a go against the Rumble. Matt Glazer, Nick Hirannet and Marshall Ward are listed as probable but they should be ready by game time. Continue to play your Spinners with confidence.


Defensive leader Dan Suppnick is missing in action for this week and Chris Hancock is still out for the season with his hip injury. The rest of the Portland roster is good to go. Yes, that includes Eli Friedman. Friedman owners rejoice, your fantasy team savior has returned.


Mark Burton is listed right now as doubtful but make sure to check back frequently as he still may be ready by game time. Outside of Burton there isn’t a single major fantasy contributor on the injury report for the Rainmakers.

Top 10

With all of the injury news in mind, Tail Statistician Tim Brubaker, Assistant Production Manager Greg Fallon and I have provided our own top ten players to start this week:

Luke Ryan

1. Jake Rainwater
2. Eli Friedman
3. Cody Bjorklund
4. Khalif El-salaam
5. Billy Sickles
6. Chris Mazur
7. Mike Hennessy
8. Matt Glazer
9. Peter Woodside
10. Jeff Pape

Tim Brubaker

1. Cody Bjorklund
2. Peter Woodside
3. Billy Sickles
4. Chris Mazur
5. Timmy Perston
6. Gavin McKibben
7. Jake Rainwater
8. Joseph Anderson
9. Matt Glazer
10. Markian Kuzmowycz

Greg Fallon

1. Billy Sickles
2. Jake Rainwater
3. Matt Glazer
4. Markian Kuzmowycz
5. Chris Mazur
6. Mark Burton
7. Timmy Perston
8. Khalif El-Salaam
9. Cody Bjorklund
10. Peter Woodside