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A full schedule of games means more flexibility with your roster. It seems like ages since we’ve had all eight teams playing in a single weekend (It was only 2 weeks ago).

MLU Injury Report: Week 8


Outside of the usual suspects, the big names missing this week are Miles Montgomery-Butler and Jeff Smith. Montgomery-Butler has been incredible for the Whitecaps thus far this season but since he’ll be missing this weekend with a leg injury expect Matt Little and Jake Taylor to pick up the slack.

Jeff Graham is on the injury report again with his hamstring injury but just like the last few weeks, nothing is going to keep Graham off of the field.

New York

Andrew Hollingworth is the only starter that will be inactive this week for the Rumble. New York was missing a few key contributors last weekend and the O-line suffered mightily without Rookie of the Year candidate Chris Kocher, but he’ll be back this week along with Dave Vuckovich. Chris Mazur is also questionable with an ankle injury. He’ll be a game time decision so if you want to take the gamble, go right ahead.


A key factor to Philadelphia’s success this year has been their ability to stay healthy (knock on wood). They continue that trend this week as their injury report only features Ken Wells, Patrick Diviney and Matt Glazer. All three are probable and will play.


There are some big names on the Current’s injury report this weekend. Nate Castine and Seth Wiggins are both questionable. Nick Spiva and Dom Gibson are also listed as probable. That’s four of the Current’s 14 starters that may miss the game.


Just like the Spinners, the Stags have been, for the most part, injury free this year. Dan Suppnick returns to the Stags D-line after missing last weekend’s game and Eli Friedman is listed as active as well. However, Friedman was listed as active last weekend but still didn’t play.

Tad Jensen is also listed as inactive.

San Francisco

It may be a long weekend for the Dogfish. James Pollard, Nick Weiss, Thomas Lassetter, Jackson Stearns, (takes deep breath), Nicholas Thompson, Andrew Goldstein and Michael McGuirk are all inactive. Matt Kissmann is also listed as questionable with an ankle injury and may not play.


The Rainmakers have four players listed on their injury report. The good news is that you weren’t playing any of them on your fantasy team anyway. Carry on.


Perhaps the biggest news coming into the weekend is Jordan Tessarolo will miss the remainder of the season. The rest of the injury report isn’t too serious. Kirk Savage, Brendan Wong and Aaron Loach are all listed as probable but should play.

Top 10

With all of the injury news in mind, Tail Statistician Tim Brubaker, Assistant Production Manager Greg Fallon and I have provided our own top ten players to start this week:

Luke Ryan

1. Jake Rainwater
2. Daniel Trytiak
3. Cody Bjorklund
4. Timmy Perston
5. Alan Kolick
6. Jeff Graham
7. Chris Kocher
8. Morgan Hibbert
9. Kirk Savage
10. Josh Markette

Tim Brubaker

1. Cody Bjorklund
2. Alan Kolick
3. Billy Sickles
4. Jeff Graham
5. Peter Woodside
6. Timmy Perston
7. Daniel Trytiak
8. Morgan Hibbert
9. Peter Prial
10. Chris Kocher

Greg Fallon

1. Timmy Perston
2. Cody Bjorklund
3. Alan Kolick
4. Chris Kocher
5. Jake Rainwater
6. Morgan Hibbert
7. Mark Burton
8. Jeff Graham
9. Josh Markette
10. Nick Hirannet