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Last weekend the Rumble got a week off while Boston got to pull double duty. This week? All eight teams are playing which means more players to start, more players to sit and more players that can lose you your weekly matchup.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to look them over here’s the injury reports for the weekend.

MLU Injury Report: Week 2

Boston Whitecaps

Terry Roth is listed as questionable with a hand injury but it looks like he’s going to play through it. While he only played 15 points on the weekend, he produced two highlight reel blocks. If you’re in a pinch the upside is there.

Misha Sidorsky is questionable with an ankle injury. This one hurts the most. If Sidorsky plays he’ll be a top 20 play as a handler or receiver. Right now it’s looking like he’s 50/50 if he plays or not. If you’re feeling lucky give him a go but know that there’s potential there for your team to get burned.

Sam Kittross-Schnell is also questionable while he deals with his hamstring. Everything stated above for Sidorsky applies to KS. If he plays he’ll put up good numbers for your team. At this moment he looks more likely to play than Sidorsky but hamstring injuries can be tricky.

Also keep in mind that if Sidorsky and KS miss the game that spells nothing but good things for owners of Misha Herscu, Ben Katz and Teddy Browar-Jarus. No need to worry about Jeff Graham and Jake Taylor. They’ll get their touches regardless of the injury report.

Boston coaches can’t stop raving about Tyler Chan‘s athletic ability. He missed Week 1 but if you’re looking for a firecracker to put in your defender slot, Chan as the makeup of a potential rookie of the year.

New York Rumble

David Vuckovich, Albert Alarcon, Jake Herman, Robbie Gillies and Marques Brownlee highlight the laundry list of New York inactives. With Sean Murray Also out with a broken finger, the Rumble’s D-line is looking mighty thin. The Rumble have enough young athletes that are ready to step up that it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Philadelphia Spinners

Leon Chou and Nick Purifico are listed as questionable yet again. Last week Chou suited up while Purifico stayed on the sideline.

The only inactive with fantasy implications is Ben Scharadin. Watching Billy Sickles, Jake Rainwater, Matt Glazer and Scharadin move the disc with ease last week against Boston was a pleasure to watch. With Scharadin gone? Himalaya Mehta will fill his role. He’s available in most leagues and will be starting this weekend.

D.C. Current

After a nasty landing last weekend Tom Doi is doubtful to play on his ankle sprain.

The Current’s D-line is also taking a hit with Tim Jackson, Zach Norrbom, Eric Miner, Erik Salmi and fantasy superstar Dom Gibson all missing the weekend’s game against the Spinners.

D.C. runs so deep on defense it’ll be hard to pick replacements or who will come up huge with a game-saving block (Last week it was Ben Fleming, this week who knows) so feel comfortable playing any of the following: Fleming, David Cranston, Ryan Nam, Freddie Tsai, Brian Marshall or Delrico Johnson.

Vancouver Nighthawks

No real news on the injury front outside of Matt Berezan, who is still out with a knee injury. Aaron Loach is probable with a leg injury but is expected to play. From a fantasy perspective the Nighthawks extremely underperformed last weekend. But hey, there’s nowhere to go but up!

Seattle Rainmakers

Khalif El-Salaam is inactive for another week but Seattle fans and Daniel Trytiak fantasy owners can rejoice when he hits the field against the Nighthawks. Last week the Rainmakers offense looked like they were stuck in the mud. Mark Burton was a monster on his under cuts but the trio of Gavin McKibbin, Jeff Pape and Chris Rupp were reluctant to pull the trigger on any deep looks. This resulted in some ill-advised throws from Cam Bailey and the rest of the O-line. With Trytiak back in the lineup it adds a different dimension to this Seattle attack. Once Khalif’s back? I wouldn’t want to mess with this unit.

San Francisco Dogfish

The only inactive with fantasy implications for the Dogfish is Taylor Cascino. On the injury end it looks like Drew Kim, David Abram, Evan Boucher and Matt Kissman will all play even though they are listed as probable.

Portland Stags

Inactives: Steve Kenton, Sean Parker and Kevin Minderhout.
Major inactives: Eli Friedman and Riley Meinershagen.

Losing a top offensive player and defensive player would normally mean disaster for a team but Portland is so deep I doubt they’ll miss either too much. Tyler Cable looked like an absolute star last weekend so look for his already impressive numbers to take a jump with Friedman out. As for Meinershagen, at the end of Portland’s game against the Rainmakers it wasn’t just their superstars making plays. Steve Rice, Brian Penner, Sean Parker and Andrew Halpin came up with huge blocks. Pick up one of them if you like defensive points.

Top 10

With all of the injury news in mind, Tail Statistician Tim Brubaker, Assistant Production Manager Greg Fallon and I have provided our own top ten players to start this week:

Luke Ryan

1. Jeff Graham
2. Cody Bjorklund
3. Alan Kolick
4. Peter Prial
5. Mark Burton
6. Timmy Perston
7. Jake Rainwater
8. Chris Kocher
9. Matt Hennessy
10. Misha Herscu

Tim Brubaker

1. Jeff Graham
2. Mark Burton
3. Peter Prial
4. Alan Kolick
5. Chris Mazur
6. Matt Kissman
7. Cody Bjorklund
8. Jake Rainwater
9. Charles Eyrich
10. Joseph Anderson

Greg Fallon

1. Jeff Graham
2. Peter Woodside
3. Peter Prial
4. Jake Rainwater
5. James Yeager
6. Daniel Trytiak
7. Morgan Hibbert
8. Dave Hochhalter
9. Delrico Johnson
10. Jibran Meiser