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Before we get into the injury reports I just want to say right off the bat that the D.C. Current are playing two games this weekend. Pick up and start any and all players affiliated with the team and you may win your matchup this week by 100 points. Dom Gibson, Peter Prial and Alan Kolick are already top fantasy plays and now you get two of them. Sit back and enjoy.

MLU Injury Report: Week 4

New York Rumble

After an impressive fantasy showing last weekend against the Spinners, Andrew Hollingworth will be inactive this week when D.C. comes to town. While Hollingworth is the only notable fantasy player on the inactive list for the Rumble, it’s worth noting that Matt Weintraub suffered a nasty shoulder injury at College Regionals and may miss the remainder of the year. While Sean Murray still hasn’t seen the field in 2015 due to a broken finger, he’s still questionable for Sunday.

The good news is that this is the first game where we’ll be able to see a full New York team. Jibran Mieser is back to get your team another 30+ points, John Wodatch is back to jump over a few more people. Let’s just say I’m excited to see this full roster play together.

D.C. Current

David Cranston has been playing both ways and producing well for fantasy owners so far this year but this week he won’t be taking the road trip with the rest of the team. Sad for Cranston owners but there will be enough playing time to go around this weekend if you own any members of the D.C. Current. Tom Doi is still recovering from the ankle injury he received Week 1 and is officially listed as questionable for the weekend, but I don’t expect him to play. Jeff Wodatch is missing the Saturday game against Boston but is suiting up to play his brother in New York.

Two games for Dom Gibson, Peter Prial, Markham Shofner, Alan Kolick and pretty much anyone on their D-line. Just load up on the Current and you should win this week.

Boston Whitecaps

Early season MVP/Defensive Player of the Year candidate Christian Foster is inactive this week. While the rest of the inactives are the usual suspects, the injury report is longer than usual. I’ll knock this out list style.

Probables: Matt Little, Terry Roth, Misha Sidorsky, Ben Katz, Thomas Edmonds, Jeff Smith, Sam Kittross-Schnell, Piers MacNaughton and Sam Richardson.

Questionables: Josh Markette and Misha Herscu.

With D.C. in town expect the Whitecaps to put up a fight to try to avoid dropping to 1-3 for the first time in franchise history. Feel confident riding Boston mainstays like Jeff Graham, Jack Hatchett, Miles Montgomery-Butler and Teddy Browar-Jarus. Don’t forget about Tyler Chan either.

Portland Stags

Eli Friedman is missing another game so make sure he isn’t in your starting lineup. Don’t panic Friedman owners, when he’s back he’ll score in bunches. However, the big news coming into the weekend is Timmy Perston and his broken fingers. Will he pull a Cody Bjorklund and play through the injury to his non throwing hand? Right now he’s listed as questionable. That could change come game time on Sunday but with rosters locking Saturday is the gamble worth it? So many questions and I have so little answers. If Timmy doesn’t play the Stags won’t suffer too much. Their D-line is carrying the team and there hasn’t been much need for the Portland offense to score.

Either way pick up any of these Stags if they’re available in your league: Steven Rice, Grant Cole, Ben McGinn, Sean Parker, Andrew Haplin, Dan Shaw and Brian Penner. They’re just some guys playing on a defensive unit that has scored almost double the amount of goals (28) as the next closest team in the league.

San Francisco Dogfish

David Abram is exactly the type of player you want as a defender on your fantasy team. He’s recorded two blocks in each of the first three games he’s played this season. He’s also 27/27 and hasn’t been charged with a turnover yet. Sadly he won’t be playing this week and neither will Andrew Hooker, Matt Kissmann or Bryan Cheng. The good news is it seems like the rest of the Dogfish starters are good to go against the Stags. Keep playing Evan Boucher, Jackson Stearns and Nick Weiss. Also keep riding the James Sheridan train until he stops producing for you.

Top 10

With all of the injury news in mind, Tail Statistician Tim Brubaker, Assistant Production Manager Greg Fallon and I have provided our own top ten players to start this week:

Luke Ryan

1. Dom Gibson
2. Peter Prial
3. Alan Kolick
4. Markham Shofner
5. Jeff Graham
6. Jibran Mieser
7. Peter Woodside
8. Riley Meinershagen
9. Evan Boucher
10. Tyler Chan

Tim Brubaker

1. Alan Kolick
2. Peter Prial
3. Jeff Graham
4. Peter Woodside
5. Cody Bjorklund
6. Jibran Mieser
7. Evan Boucher
8. Dom Gibson
9. James Sheridan
10. Chris Kocher

Greg Fallon

1. Alan Kolick
2. Peter Prial
3. Lloyd Blake
4. Dom Gibson
5. Jeff Graham
6. Tyler Chan
7. Peter Woodside
8. Evan Boucher
9. Markham Shofner
10. Jibran Mieser