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Unlike with other fantasy sports like football and baseball, where players are assigned specific positions that they play exclusively, in ultimate you know that your best player can be the quarterback as well as the wide receiver every time they’re on the field.

Because of this, you have the freedom to pick and choose what position your players will start. Of course this will inevitably lead to some head to keyboard slamming when you decided that Morgan Hibbert should get slotted as a handler in Week 1 and you miss out on 15 points that your team would have gotten for his three blocks.

With that said, everything can change on a week by week basis, but I’m here to give you the top five safest picks at each position so you can avoid handling your Hibbert. Keep in mind that almost all of these players are safe plays as your super star.


Alan Kolick – D.C. Current
East coast MVP, league leader in assists, third in the league in completed throws. 95 percent completion rate. A lynchpin in a D.C. Current offense that’ll touch the disc on average 1.5 times an offensive possession. He’ll bag you at least 20 points a game.

Evan Boucher – Dogfish
If Boucher plays a healthy season he may just lead the entire league in fantasy scoring. An absolute monster during the game he played, he averaged 1.9 fantasy points per points played, which was a league high.

Josh Markette – Whitecaps
I’ve already gushed over how much I love Josh Markette here but I’ll sum it up: boat loads of assists, next to no turnovers.

Nick Hirannet – Spinners
A thumb injury late last season prevented Hirannet from breaking the 30 assist barrier. If the Spinners can break through and make a run at the Eastern Conference title, a lot of it will fall on Hirannet’s shoulders. A lot of pressure on Nick, yes, but a ton of fantasy points for you.

Daniel Trytiak – Rainmakers
Nothing says boom or bust quite like a Danny Trytiak deep look. Will Trytiak score enough points to offset his high turnover rate? Yes, the answer is yes. Trytiak could throw another 20 turnovers and would still be a top player this year. You’ll take his 15 points a game and you’ll like it.


Brendan Wong – Nighthawks
Brendan Wong scored 48 goals and averaged 32 fantasy points a game last year. This year? He’ll probably score another 40. His added blocks and assists are just gravy.

Peter Prial – D.C. Current
If Peter Prial is on your roster he should be played as your superstar every. single. week. However, for the purposes of this list we aren’t taking into account his contributions across the board, which are massive. Prial has a serious shot at being the founding member of the 20 – 20 – 10 club. (20 goals, 20 assists, 10 blocks)

Jeff Graham – Whitecaps
Another player that does everything. Last year: 27 goals, 20 assists, 97 percent completion rate, five blocks. Jeff Graham can be productive scoring in the super star, handler, or receiver position. It just matters how you feel that day.

Timmy Perston – Stags
In only one game last year Timmy Perston scored nine goals. If Perston hadn’t spent a majority of the 2014 season in Ireland, last year’s race for leading goal scorer could’ve been a three-man race between Brendan Wong, Donnie Clark and Timmy. Take your eyes off him for a second and he’s already beating you deep.

Jake Rainwater – Spinners
Last year, no cutter had more touches per offensive possession (TPOP) than Jake Rainwater (.968). Players with high TPOP are usually handlers or swing men. A high TPOP from a true cutter shows just how important that player is to an offense. If you can somehow draft both Nick Hirannet and Rainwater, you’ll be in good hands if Philly makes a run.


Morgan Hibbert – Nighthawks
In 2014, Hibbert was Western Conference Defensive Player of the Year and just as important to the team’s run at the MLU Championship as MVP Brendan Wong. Not only will Hibbert produce blocks for your team, he led the league in assists for primarily defensive players. You know exactly what you’re getting with the big man. Feel safe playing him every week.

Topher Davis – Stags
Everything said about Morgan Hibbert above can be said for Topher Davis. If Tophers role is expanded this upcoming season, he may overtake Hibbert as the top defensive player in the league.

Matt Esser – Spinners
While Matt Esser might not put up league-leading numbers in the blocks category, he plays enough on the Spinners O-line to put up big goal and assist numbers to make him a top play in the defender spot.

Jack Hatchett – Whitecaps
The 2014 Eastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year returns for another year in Boston. If the Whitecaps want to return to the championship game in 2015, Hatchett will have to anchor a D-line that had little trouble producing turnovers last year. Another 12 plus block season is well within reach.

Jordan Tessarolo – Nighthawks
If Tessarolo was on any other team in the league he would be in contention for that team’s best defensive player. Sadly he plays on the same team as Morgan Hibbert. Luckily for you that means he’s flying under the radar and he’ll grab your team at least a cool 10 blocks (I understand by saying this he may no longer be under the radar).

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