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It was a busy weekend.

– The Stags lost their first game of the season to the Dogfish.
Gabe Saunkeah and Andrew Hooker are making plays for some post season awards.
Josh Markette had his worst statistical game of his MLU career.
– In four games the league saw two Callahans, matching all of last season’s total. Both teams went on to lose though.
– The Spinners are now firmly in the pole position for first place in the Eastern Conference.
– The Whitecaps and Rumble scored one goal, combined, during the first quarter of their game.
– Four players, FOUR, scored 50+ fantasy points.
Jeff Graham, Peter Prial and Morgan Hibbert have the chance to become the first ever members of the 20-20-10 club (20 goals, 20 assists, 10 blocks).
Steven Rice still hasn’t recorded a turnover in over 110 points played this season.
Peter Woodside can’t stop scoring goals. He has 19 goals already, 17 of which are breaks.

Perfect 7

Morgan Hibbert | Vancouver Nighthawks | 59.90 points

While the Nighthawks may have lost big this weekend against the Rainmakers, Morgan Hibbert went down swinging. The big man played an unearthly 30 points. He completed 28 of his 29 throws, grabbed three goals, threw four assists and recorded three blocks. With Hibbert taking on more of an offensive role with the team, his goal and assist numbers have seen a major spike. He’s already surpassed his goal total from last season and looks to best his assist number as well.

Cody Bjorklund | Portland Stags | 42.30 points

Two goals, seven assists, two blocks. Cody Bjorklund really didn’t want the Stags to lose their first game of the season. If the Stags can bounce back from this loss then the West Coast MVP will certainly run through Portland. Will he be an O-line standout like Bjorklund or Timmy Perston? Or will it be one of the men that’s heading one of the most dominant defensive units the league has ever seen in Topher Davis, Dan Suppnick, Grant Cole or Peter Woodside? If Bjorklund can keep putting up numbers like this, it’s his award to lose.

Gabe Saunkeah | San Francisco Dogfish | 37.60 points

The Dogfish ran with a small group of players to help them best the Stags. Eight players played more than 15 points on Sunday and Saunkeah saw the most action with 27 points played. With Evan Boucher gone a ton of Dogfish have stepped up to fill his shoes. Saunkeah was all over the field, on both offense and defense to the tune of two goals, five assists and three blocks. Rookie of the Year is on the table and if the Dogfish can make a run at the playoffs then we may even be talking MVP.

Khalif El-Salaam | Seattle Rainmakers | 26.85 points

Khalif is making up for lost time after missing the first few games of the MLU season. After a quiet game last week where El-Salaam only reeled in a single goal, he bounced back to his Breakout Player of the Year form to the tune of four goals, three assists and one block. Look for El-Salaam to be a huge part of the Rainmakers offense going forward. I said it last week and I’ll say it again: The Rainmakers O-line is looking scary good.

Brendan Wong | Vancouver Nighthawks | 25.40 points

Three goals, two assists, two blocks. Wong isn’t having crazy 8-9 points games like he did last season but there’s still time, fantasy owners. It takes a special 2014 season for fantasy owners to be disappointed with 18 goals through five games, but winning MVP will do that to you.

Delrico Johnson | D.C. Current | 47.55 points

With Jibran Mieser out for the season with a broken foot the Eastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year award is up for grabs. With another highlight reel block (that happened to be a Callahan, no big deal) Johnson has my vote as of right now. Unlike other defenders who shy away from the team’s best matchup, Rico goes toe-to-toe with the best players in the league every weekend. Pulling down insane catch blocks is just icing on the cake.

Michael Cofer | New York Rumble | 34.45 points

Cofer only recorded two blocks on Sunday. Lucky for Cofer one of those blocks was a Callahan. Albert Alarcon may have done the heavy lifting, tipping the Markette pass, but someone had to be there to haul in the Callahan. I’ve been impressed with Cofer’s motor on the field, and he has been a nice addition to the most athletic D-line in the MLU.

Players Who Disappointed

Jordan Tessarolo
The Nighthawks didn’t have a very good day. Tessarolo only scored 2.3 fantasy points. Just a bad week all around.

Tyler Cable & Steve Kenton
With Chris Hancock out for the season, Portland needed Cable and Kenton to step up. Not to say that they didn’t. The swing handler’s role is one that oft comes without accolades. Both played a good game. They just didn’t have good fantasy games (both less than two points), and that’s the only games I really care about.

Josh Markette
Josh Markette scored -4.2 fantasy points. He didn’t throw a single assist and only grabbed one goal. His five turnovers were a career worst and he threw the Callahan. The wind was terrible – I’ll make the excuse for him.

Players to Pick Up Right Now

Anyone on the Rumble, Spinners, Rainmakers or Stags
With only two games this weekend there are going to be a ton of barren rosters. You’ll have to ask yourself if winning one game is worth dropping a stud on a bye. I’m stupid so I’ll drop my entire roster just so I can field a starting 7.  Here’s a list of the best players that are probably still available for you to pick up from each of the four teams.

Philadelphia Spinners
Matt Paparone, Charlie McCutcheon and Nick Mathison have the chance to get your team a block or two.

New York Rumble
Tim MacGougan is worth a shot if you’re looking to fill a handler or receiver slot. Also pick up Michael Cofer.

Seattle Rainmakers
Sam Pickel should be owned in all standard 10-team leagues but is only owned in around 27 percent of them. What are you waiting for people?

Portland Stags
Adam Fagin and Dan Shaw are getting enough playing time on the Stags D-line that they have the chance to nab a block.