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While players and coaches are often lauded for their strong play and brilliant strategy, the rest of the coaching staff can sometimes go unnoticed by the casual fan. So, with some of the most unsung heroes of the MLU in mind, today we decided to take a look at the Assistant Coaches of the 2016 season, an experienced and committed group:

Boston Whitecaps Assistant Coach Mike Miller


Mike Miller is a two-time MLU Champion, playing for the Whitecaps in 2013 and 2015. He has been part of Head Coach Sam Rosenthal’s staff in 2014 and 2016. (Photo by Burt Granofsky –

Philadelphia Spinners Assistant Coaches Paul Minecci and Steve Wherry


Paul Minecci has been a veteran coach in Philadelphia following an impressive club career with several appearances at Nationals and Worlds in the 90s. (Photo by Sean Carpenter –


Steve Wherry (Right) also added a veteran coaching presence to Head Coach Darryl Stanley’s staff, bringing years of experience to the young team. (Photo by Paul Andris –

Washington D.C. Current Assistant Coaches Sam McClellan and Jacob Nuxoll


Sam McClellan (middle) joined Head Coach Will Smolinski’s staff in 2016, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the Current. McClellan spent several seasons playing for D.C. club teams Scandal and Ambiguously Grey. (Photo by Pete Guion –


Jacob Nuxoll also signed onto Smolinski’s staff in 2016 after two years as a referee for Major League Ultimate. Nuxoll is an established coach in the D.C. area, having coached at multiple high schools in the region for years. (Photo by Pete Guion –

San Francisco Dogfish Assistant Coach Rio Chuck


Rio Chuck (Right) joined Head Coach Jason Seidler to lead the Dogfish in 2016. Chuck established himself early on in his career, captaining Berkeley High School to a California State Championship in 2013. (Photo by Scott Houghtaling –

Portland Stags Assistant Coaches Mike Grill and Derek Gottlieb


Mike Grill has been a crucial part of Head Coach Danny Quarrel’s dominance of the Western Conference with the Portland Stags. As the team’s film coach in 2015 and becoming a larger part of the team’s strategic planning this year, Grill helped get the Stags to the 2016 MLU Championship. (Photo by Scobel Wiggins)

Portland Stags coach. MLU Championship Game: Portland Stags vs Philadelphia Spinners. Franklin Field, Philadelphia, PA. Saturday, July 16, 2016.

Derek Gottlieb joined Quarrel’s sideline staff this season, bringing a wealth of coaching knowledge with him. Gottlieb is the current coach of Portland’s elite women’s club team – Schwa. (Photo by Kevin Leclaire –

Seattle Rainmakers Assistant Coach Bert Abbott


Bert Abbott joined the Seattle Rainmakers coaching staff in 2016, helping to lead the team to third playoff berth in 4 years. Bert is the captain of Seattle MIXtape, making her a known leader to several of the Rainmakers she coached this year. (Photo by Scott Houghtaling –

Vancouver Nighthawks Assistant Coaches Derek Knoechel and Chris Cannon


Rookie Vancouver Nighthawks Head Coach Pat Gatien (left) recruited his club teammate Derek Knoechel to help him rebuild the Nighthawks in 2016. (Photo by Jeff Bell –


Chris Cannon was on of the holdovers from the previous regime in Vancouver, staying on with Coach Gatien in 2016. (Photo by Jeff Bell –