Photo by Brian Canniff –

It’s that time of year again, as players begin to sign and tryout season approaches! So this week, we decided to take a look at some of the best shots from the first ever MLU tryouts back in 2013, courtesy of our friends at UltiPhotos.

Vancouver BC. The inaugural try-out for the first professional Ultimate disc team, the Vancouver Nighthawks.

Nighthawks Tryouts 2013 (Photo by Jeff Bell –

03-02 Stags 0089_sw

Stags Tryouts 2013 (Photo by Scobel Wiggins –


Dogfish Tryouts 2013 (Photo by Scott Roeder –

02/24/13 Rainmaker Combine

Rainmakers Tryouts 2013 (Photo by Scobel Wiggins –


Spinners Tryouts 2013 (Photo by Brian Canniff –


Rumble Tryouts 2013 (Photo by Sandy Canetti –


Whitecaps Tryouts 2013 (Photo by Burt Granofsky –

MLU DCC Combine_539KWL_7380

D.C. Current Tryouts 2013 (Photo by Kevin Leclaire –