Photo by Rodney Chen – Ultiphotos.comToday we decided to have some fun and celebrate Friday, by recognizing some of our favorite MLU Hair Stylings of 2015… As captured by our friends at Ultiphotos.We all know it.  The players of Major League Ultimate are two things:  Elite ultimate athletes… and incredibly stylish.WildPurifico“Nick Purifico of the Spinners… showing his wild side.” – Photo by Bob Durling – Ultiphotos.comNYTopKnot“Favorite accessory: Headband? Eye black?  Nah… I’m going with Top Knot.” – Photo by Sandy Canetti – Ultiphotos.comHibbert“I believe that color is ‘Nighthawks Red’.” – Photo by Scobel Wiggins – Ultiphotos.comCurls“The headband is working hard… but that’s just too many golden locks to contain.” – Photo by Scott Houghtaling – Ultiphotos.comKolick“Kolick is known for his flow…” – Photo by Brandon Wu – Ultiphotos.comPanna“… as is Michael Panna.” – Photo by Jolie Lang – Ultiphotos.comFlowVsFlowFLOW OFF! Who wins? – Photo by Brian Canniff – Ultiphotos.comDogfish“The many follicle stylings of the San Francisco Dogfish.” – Photo by Rodney Chen – Ultiphotos.comEsserSpikes“The rare Esser-Saurus!”- Photo by Sean Carpenter – Ultiphotos.comCaseyMohawk“It appears to be contagious!” – Photo by Burt Granofsky – Ultiphotos.comAntlersUp“I’m not even sure what to call this one, but I love it.” – Photo by Scobel Wiggins – Ultiphotos.comPurificoExplosion“The only hope you have when defending Jeff Graham is to distract him with exploding fireworks hair.” – Photo by Burt Granofsky – Ultiphotos.comAll Up“Trytiak seems unfazed by the West Coast attempt at fireworks hair.” – Photo by Brian Chu – Rico“Delrico Johnson.  ESPN Highlights and rocking the ‘Toad from Mario’ haircut.  It’s just what he does.” – Photo by Sandy Canetti – Ultiphotos.comSeanPaul“I’ll just leave this one here.  In all it’s glory.” – Photo by Scott Houghtaling –