Photo by Kevin Leclaire –

Before games or between points, the huddle is the hub of team team strategy and energy. Whether discussing tactics, or purely building the fire in the bellies of the team, huddles are where it all goes down. So this week, we decided to take a look at some of the best shots of huddles from this season, courtesy of our friends at Ultiphotos.


The Rainmakers huddle up before the Annual Border Bid against the Vancouver Nighthawks (Photo by Brian Chu)


Nighthawks Captain Erik Hunter gets his troops fired up in the huddle. (Photo by Brian Chu –


Head Coach and player Patrick Gatien runs the Nighthawks huddle. (Photo by Brian Chu –


Peter Bender of the Rainmakers keeps himself in cool during a game in Seattle (Photo by Michael Bury)


Isaiah Bryant fires his teammates up during the MLU Championship game. (Photo by Kevin Leclaire –


Western Conference MVP Cody Bjorklund huddles with his line during the 2016 MLU Championship (Photo by Kevin Leclaire –


Whitecaps Captain Jon Hirschberger amps his teammates up before a chilly game about the D.C. Current (Photo by Pete Guion –


D.C. Current Asst. Coaches Jacob Nuxoll and Sam McClellan run the huddle against the Whitecaps. (Photo by Pete Guion –


The Dogfish get ready to take on the Rainmakers. (Photo by Scott Houghtaling –


Portland Head Coach Danny Quarrell strategizes with his team in a huddle against the Rainmakers. (Photo by John King –

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The D.C. Current are all smiles in their huddle against the New York Rumble. (Photo by Kevin Leclaire –


The Spinners get amped before their Eastern Conference Championship against the Boston Whitecaps. (Photo by Sandy Canetti –


The Dogfish get ready to take on the Seattle Rainmakers on the road. (Photo by Scott Houghtaling)


The Whitecaps come together before their 2016 Eastern Conference Championship matchup in Philadelphia. (Photo by Sandy Canetti –