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Since the league’s first game in 2013, the Innova Pulsar has served as the official disc of Major League Ultimate. Since the beginning of the first MLU Season, the pulsar has been used in over 170 professional games, amounting to over 80,000 total throws by some of the best ultimate players in the world.

One of the league’s earliest partners, Innova Discs partnered with the MLU in 2012 to design an elite ultimate disc, taking input from players throughout the design and testing phase. Taking into account the larger fields and new ruleset, the Pulsar was designed for increased stability and longer flight.

“The Pulsar, compared to other discs I’ve used, holds its edge better which means it is more true to the angle you release it at.” said Nick Hirannet, MLU’s career leader in throws and catches. “With other discs you learn that for big hucks you have to release more inside out since the disc will turn over and level out. With the pulsar you can throw an outside in much farther and have it hold it’s angle which can be useful in a lot of situations.”


Nick Hirannet has thrown (1414) and caught (1247) Pulsars, more than anyone in MLU History (Photo by Sandy Canetti –

Now, four years later, the Pulsar can be bought in store, online at, and at merchandise tents during all MLU games. While an increasingly popular option for ultimate, the Pulsar has not yet become the default disc of choice.  While most MLU players use other discs in club and recreational leagues, they have embraced the Pulsar as particularly effective in the pro-style of play.

I honestly think people get too caught up in the differences.” said Cody Bjorklund, the league’s career leader in assists. “One advantage to the Pulsar is that it tends to hang in the air longer. Timmy [Perston] and Raphy [Hayes], who usually are my deep cutters, have a big advantage on most of their defenders in the air.”


Nobody has thrown more assists (114) than Cody Bjorklund using the Pulsar. (Photo by Rowdy Webb –

“Innova has been a phenomenal partner since the very beginning of the MLU. Not only do they provide our most important piece of equipment, they offer incredible support as we look to grow the sport, to make it more accessible to everyone,” says Nic Darling, Executive VP of the MLU. “They have helped build awareness for the sport and the league by custom designing MLU-themed packaging for the Pulsar and placing it in major retailers like Dicks Sports and Eastern Mountain Sports. They have supported clinics and camps by putting discs in the hands of so many kids. They are backers of fun events like our $10k Toss and important initiatives like sending discs around the world to places where they are difficult to find or hard to afford.”  

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About Innova Discs

Founded in 1983, Innova was formed to meet the developing equipment needs of disc golfers. In that year, Dave Dunipace created the world’s first disc designed specifically for the sport of disc golf, establishing Innova as the technological pacesetter in disc golf. Their continuing design innovations and product improvements keep Innova number one in disc golf. They offer the most popular and complete line of discs to suit every type of shot and player. In addition to playing disc golf, Innova’s founding members played Ultimate for San Diego Zoo and the Foothills team in the early 1980s. Their Ultimate experience led to Innova’s Apple, a smaller Ultimate disc that later became the standard disc for Discathon and Accuracy, both World Flying Disc Federation Events. The company retains its Ultimate roots with the Super Nova and Pulsar, two first-rate Ultimate discs that demonstrate Innova’s dedication to the players and the Twitter @InnovaDiscs