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With every MLU weekend comes incredible moments that can easily pass us by amidst the excitement of the game. But thanks to UltiPhotos, our production team and our observant fans, we bring you another season of From the Sidelines.

Alan Kolick and the Headband Boys

Kolick’s always been known to wear a headband – or two – to control his celebrity status locks, and it looks like it’s catching on.

“It pops over the top just a little bit, like a freshly baked muffin.” – Dusty Rhodes, MLU Writer and Commentator

Hair Up Thumbs Up

Speaking of hairdos, check out game day mohawk Matt Esser giving a thumbs up despite the pouring rain.

Don’t Mess with Mieser

While the thrower failed to lead his receiver, don’t attempt something like this against a poaching Jibran Mieser.

From the Stands

How about the crowd who came out for the second annual Border Bid at Mount Vernon High School during Spring Reign? Area youth teams from both sides of the border cheered on the Nighthawks and Rainmakers.

SeattleRainmakers_2015_SRH_20150425_194938_IMG_01651083-(ZF-4962-66363-1-004)Photo by Scott Houghtaling –

MLU Brothers Watch Week 2:
Aaron Adamson (Stags) 1 – Sam Adamson (Dogfish) 0

Next up – Jeff Wodatch (Current) vs. John Wodatch (Rumble) in Week 4, Sunday, May 10.

2015DogfishStags_20150426_160655_RC_33-(ZF-4962-66363-1-005)Photo by Rodeny Chen –

Jeff “Superman” Graham lives up to his name.

Photo by Bob Durling –

The Hulk and David Cranston are fans of each other’s work.

Photo by Brian Canniff –

Hey, I’d get his number too.

Photo by Bob Durling –

Three shots of Piers MacNaughton’s layout block.

Photo by Bob Durling –; Graphics by Nick Greenwood

Tommy! Congratulations on the Catch of the Week, but is it worth it?