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With every MLU weekend comes incredible moments that can easily pass us by amidst the excitement of the game. But thanks to UltiPhotos, our production team and our observant fans, we bring you another season of From the Sidelines.

The Gods Gifted Man with the Truly Righteous Power to Celebrate in the End Zone

This is why I watch MLU Live. Yeah ultimate frisbee is fun to watch and everything, but scoring a point is about grabbing the disc and using it as a prop in your five-second performance. Or do a little dance. Pretend you’re a superhero. ENTERTAIN US.

We’ll start with a classic celebration from Marques Brownlee. Commentator Dusty Rhodes is quick to point out that Brownlee is celebrating his layout block and subsequent goal with a bookends to the dome. Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair popularized the “Omega” touchdown celebration in homage to his fraternity Omega Phi Psi. When did this become standard in ultimate?

If you’ve been reading this blog since last season, you’ve witnessed the beautiful evolution of Michael Hennessy’s celebrations. And this season, he’s the proud father of a new baby disc, and hopefully, a new repertoire of end zone moments to share with his MLU family and fans.

The Seattle Rainmakers do their best Avengers impersonations as Evan “Thor” Klein sends up a hammer to Clay “Hawkeye” Dewey-Valentine.

Mark Burton receives a well-deserved handshake after a double-handed layout on a tipped disc for the goal. Andrew LynchLYNCH…Another handshaking Lynch in Seattle sports? Fantastic. Thank you, Rainmakers, for keeping us entertained even without your celebration MVP, Khalif El-Salaam.

From the Sidelines

Fans celebrated Dizzy the Dog’s birthday last Saturday when the Rumble came to Philly. Is that a mouth or a nose? How does Dizzy eat cake? Dizzy always looks sleepy. I’m worried about him.

Photo by Sean Carpenter –

Matt Neeley made the SportsCenter Top 10 for this play. Nice work. He also has corn rows. Very nice work.

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Check out Coach Danny Quarrell’s matching tie and sunglasses. Dang man you look good.

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