Major League Ultimate announced its 2016 Rookies of the Year awards on Thursday. 

Graeme Barber of the Vancouver Nighthawks and Sean Mott of the New York Rumble earned the Western and Eastern Conference awards, respectively. The Rookie of the Year awards are given to the most outstanding first-year players in each conference during the regular season. 

Barber entered the season for the Nighthawks and immediately made his presence known, putting up 18 assists and 4 goals on his way to a 22-point rookie season. This feat is particularly impressive considering most of his time was spent on the defensive side of the disc, playing 80 of his 149 points on the D-line, adding 5 blocks to his impressive rookie campaign. Barber, a 6’0” handler out of the University of Victoria, finished third on the team in points scoring, while leading the team in assists.  

Mott quite literally burst onto the scene early in the season, appearing on SportsCenter’s Top 10 in April with an incredible sky for the score. This was fair from Mott’s only highlight worthy play, as he would go on to lead the Rumble in scoring with 31 points on 13 goals and 18 assists.  Standing only 5’8”, Mott quickly gained a reputation for leaping and coming down with the disc in the face of taller defenders.  Known not only for his athletic plays, but also his durability, Mott played more points than anyone else in the Eastern Conference, with his 202 points played landing him second in the league behind San Francisco’s Gabe Saunkeah (208).

Western Conference Ballot: 

  1. Graeme Barber (VAN)
  2. Dylan Harrington (SEA)
  3. Daniel Naruo (SF)
  4. Devon Williams (SF)
  5. Trevor Smith (PDX) 

Other players receiving votes: Sascha Lo (VAN)

Eastern Conference Ballot: 

  1. Sean Mott (NY)
  2. Greg Martin (PHL)
  3. Kyle Khalifa (DC)
  4. Tanner Halkyard (BOS) 
  5. Ethan Peck (PHL)