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Amidst the excitement of season three opening weekend, you may have noticed a few rule changes that have already been implemented on the field.

Here to explain the 2015 Rule Book is the Head of the MLU Rules Committee, Ian McClellan.


Pull From Midfield After Timeouts

If the pulling team calls a timeout between points (before readiness is signaled), they will get to pull from midfield after that timeout. This provides an exciting strategic option for using a timeout between points apply some extra defensive pressure to start the next point. Hopefully this becomes a useful tool for teams that are behind to create some break opportunities to improve comeback chances.

Timeouts Are Longer, and Players Will Clear the Field

All timeouts are now 120 seconds (up from 90). In addition to the extra commercial time it affords the MLU, this change gives players a specific place to go during timeouts, and provides the extra time needed to clear (and retake) the field without sacrificing their time to discuss strategy as a team.


Pre-Stall Fixes

The whole intent of the pre-stall is to have the stall count start immediately after the pre-stall counter completes. By moving the pre-stall rules from the Delay of Game section to the Stalling section, we avoid whistles and yardage penalties whenever the offense takes too long to put the disc into play after a turnover, and the stall will simply begin immediately (as long as a defender is present).


No More “Half the Distance” When Assessing Penalty Yardage

Officials will now be assessing full yardage penalties up to the front of the attacked end zone, or the back of the defended end zone. For example, if a player is nine yards away from scoring and gets fouled, the player doesn’t move up 4.5 yards; instead, he moves up all nine yards to the goal line.

Over the Back Merged with Pass Interference

The existing pass interference rule already encompassed all fouls when two players were pursuing an airborne disc, so to keep over the back as a separate rule didn’t make any sense, especially since the penalties are the same. The refs will now just call pass interference when any over the back violations occur.

Clock Stops for All Whistles in Last Minute of Each Quarter

Believe it or not, this was never in our rule book. By adding this, whistles that stop the clock in the final minute of each quarter won’t ruin any team’s chance to score while a penalty is being assessed.


Click here for the complete 2015 MLU Rule Book.