Major League Ultimate and Innova Discs have reached a partnership agreement that names the newly designed Innova Pulsar as the Official Disc of the MLU.

This two-year agreement grants Innova exclusive rights to the production of all discs used in MLU sanctioned events and sold under the MLU name. The deal also assures that any stock Pulsar sold, whether directly through Innova or one of their retail partners, will bear the “Official disc of the MLU” marking.

“We are excited to work with an organization as professional and responsive as Innova,” says Jeff Snader, President of the MLU. “They put a great deal of effort into working out this deal and have helped craft a scenario that will benefit both our organizations for years to come.”

Innova, a huge name in the disc golf world, has long been considering a way to crack the Ultimate market as the disc of choice. Their expertise in disc design and their production capabilities put them in a position to provide a great product and the service to match. They simply needed the right partner to provide the platform for the Pulsar.

“We wanted to partner with a highly organized Ultimate association for years. This looked like the best opportunity,” says Dave Dunipace, President of Innova Discs. “We have the ability to produce what the players need, the MLU has a way to publicize our disc, and we, through distribution and advertising, have a way to publicize both the MLU and the Pulsar.”

MLU PulsarThe Pulsar, a long-time product of Innova Discs, recently underwent a complete redesign with a new mold and new composition. Fortuitous timing allowed the MLU and some of its players to be part of this process.

“The timing could not have been better,” says Nic Darling, VP of the MLU. “We were looking for a disc at the same time they were looking for input on their new design. Over the course of a couple months we went through three different plastic mixes and provided feedback from players and coaches. The end result is an impressive piece of equipment that we are proud to attach our name to.”

The new Innova disc has been used at MLU tryouts and practices on both coasts and the response from players and staff has been very positive.

“I love the excitement and interest Innova has shown in working with the MLU to design a great disc,” says Nick Hirannet, star handler for the Philadelphia Spinners. “The fact that they’ve been willing to make several prototypes and tweak designs based on feedback from players is fantastic.”

“The Innova disc is more stable and will fly farther without tailing off,” says Justin Becker, Head Coach of the Portland Stags. “This will make the game more exciting by allowing the deep game to be more effective, and give our players the chance to prove how athletic they are.”

The Pulsar will be available in various forms through the MLU stores, at MLU games, direct from Innova and through Innova’s retail partners. Those retail partners in Innova’s distribution network will offer a great way to get this disc in the hands of players of all levels across the country and will provide exposure for the MLU in a retail setting.

“Innova’s distribution is probably one of the elements I am most excited about,” says Darling. “It provides a way to introduce the MLU to people who may not have otherwise heard of us. With our logo and imagery incorporated into the product and packaging for every Pulsar, we are given the chance to introduce high-level, professional Ultimate to the casual disc purchaser.”

Innova has a large distribution network and we expect the Pulsar to be available in many of these locations. A full list of their distribution partners is available on the Innova web site through their Dealer Locator tool.

“In the end, Innova was clearly the best choice for our organization, our players and our fans,” says Snader. “The fact that they sent three different molds to us in one month to allow us to test their disc with our players is just awesome. To top it off, in just a short time people will be able to buy an MLU disc in a retail stores all across the USA.”

About Innova Discs

innova ultimate 2013Founded in 1983, Innova was formed to meet the developing equipment needs of disc golfers. In that year, Dave Dunipace created the world’s first disc designed specifically for the sport of disc golf, establishing Innova as the technological pacesetter in disc golf. Their continuing design innovations and product improvements keep Innova number one in disc golf. They offer the most popular and complete line of discs to suit every type of shot and player.

In addition to playing disc golf, Innova’s founding members played Ultimate for San Diego Zoo and the Foothills team in the early 1980s. Their Ultimate experience led to Innova’s Apple, a smaller Ultimate disc that later became the standard disc for Discathon and Accuracy, both World Flying Disc Federation Events. The company retains its Ultimate roots with the Super Nova and Pulsar, two first-rate Ultimate discs that demonstrate Innova’s dedication to the players and the sport.
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