Photos by Marshall Goff and Brian Chu –

Mark Burton of the Seattle Rainmakers and Jeff Graham of the Boston Whitecaps have been honored as the MVPs of their respective conferences.

The Most Valuable Player Award goes to the player that has made the largest positive impact on their team. This means that not only are they performing at a high level all season long, but that they are raising the play of their teammates.

The battle for the top spot in the Western Conference was hotly contested. With the Stags challenging with both Cody Bjorklund and Timmy Perston and the Nighthawks with Morgan Hibbert, Burton has shown that he is one of the elite players in the league. While the Rainmakers started slow as their season developed, it was clear that Burton was a leader on the team and was one of the reasons that they were able to make a turn around to find themselves in the Western Conference Finals. With 34 goals, 29 assists and four blocks over nine games, Burton was the go-to player on the Rainmakers, making the clutch plays that led to Seattle victories.

Mark Burton also took home the Scoring Title with 63 points scored over the course of the regular season.

Like Seattle, the Whitecaps had a slow start to the season, dropping both games in a double-header opening weekend, but ended the season with a strong push that gave them their second Eastern Conference title. Three Boston players were voted into the top five for MVP. Graham was able to seal up his title with 21 goals, 21 assists and seven blocks, an impressive stat line made even more impressive by the fact that he was sidelined with injuries midway through the season.

In 2013 Graham was also the winner of the MLU Championship MVP award and in 2014 was named the Eastern Conference Offensive Player of the Year.

Final Ballot

Western Conference:

1. Mark Burton (Seattle)
2. Cody Bjorklund (Portland)
3. Morgan Hibbert (Vancouver)
4. Timmy Perston (Portland)

Eastern Conference:

1. Jeff Graham (Boston)
2. Jake Rainwater (Philadelphia)
3. Alan Kolick (D.C.)
4. Christian Foster (Boston)
5. Josh Markette (Boston)