The Official Selections from the MLU Team Logo Contest have been made by our design committee. These are the logos that will, in one way or another, contribute to the final designs. In some cases these logos are very close to what we foresee as the finished product while in others, they offer an idea or element from which the final logo will spring. Either way, each of these deserves the contest prize for the effort and ingenuity put into their creation.

Official Selections will receive:

$100 cash prize
$100 credit to the MLU Shop
4 VIP Tickets to the game of their choice
Recognition on MLU and team websites
Right to claim co-authorship of logo

Portland Stags

by Marta Chernova


DC Current

by Dennis Fanning

Vancouver Nighthawks


by Philip Bryant


Seattle Rainmakers

by Marta Chernova

We also want to recognize a few other logos for their contribution to our design process. These may not be winners but we will call them honorable mentions and reward them anyway. Our honorable mentions will each get $50 to spend in the MLU Shop.

Boston Bootleggers

by Víctor M. Martínez — with Macnolo M. (Vándalo)

San Francisco Dogfish

by Anthony La Rocca

by Dennis Fanning


New Jersey  Founders

by Marta Chernova


DC Current

by Claire Reintgen — with Claire Elizabeth.


New York  Rumble

by Austin John Bonelli

by Dennis Fanning


Seattle  Rainmakers

by Marta Chernova

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. If you want to see all the entries visit our Facebook page, and while your there why not click like and help the MLU grow.

8 Responses to “MLU Contest Official Selections”

  1. Bob says:

    Huh, I didn’t realize MLU was only going to pick four. I was really excited to see who one the Boston contest.

  2. Derek Medina says:

    huh, I really hoped that the green logo for the bootleggers, but as long as it isn’t bad like that gross red logo, we should be good lol

    • Mr. Murdock says:

      Haha, oh Derek, you are so funny ending your sentences in “lol”, but I’m not upset because as long as were not using any of your gross logos, we should be good.

      • Derek Medina says:

        well, i suppose gross wasn’t the right word. I was trying to describe the shade of red. I suppose dull would have been better, I just don’t like the odd color chosen for it. Just personal preference. Also, I didn’t submit a logo…

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  4. Kristy Lungren says:


  5. Kristy Lungren says:

    When do we receive our Fan Fav prizes?

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