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How’d you do this year in MLU Fantasy?  

If you played MLU Fantasy this season and had one of these players on your roster, you almost certainly did well.  Check out the top players at each position from the 2016 Fantasy Season.


Peter Woodside (Stags) 325.70 points

Peter Woodside has won the Western Conference Defensive Player of the Year in each of the last two seasons. In those two years NO ONE in the league has recorded as many blocks as Woodside’s 36 blocks. That one statistic alone is enough to show the type of disruptive force he is on the defensive side of the disc. There is a reason that Woodside is the top superstar and not the top defender on this year’s Perfect 7. Not only did Woodside continue to dominate in the air, recording 19 blocks in 2016, he scored another 27 goals and managed to toss a career high 7 assists. His 23 break goals were more than 98% of the entire league’s total goals.


Cody Bjorklund (Stags) 230.35 points

Here are just a few MLU records that Cody Bjorklund now holds:

  • Most total points (G+A) all time with 189
  • Most assists all time with 114
  • Most points played all time with 763
  • Most games played all time with 39
  • Most assists in a single season with 41

Simply put, there is a reason why Bjorklund won the Western Conference’s MVP award this season. Cody is an absolute animal, he’s missed only 1 regular season game in 4 years and does nothing but put up huge numbers. His 7 blocks held back his total fantasy output but 200+ points is nothing to scoff at.


Raphy Hayes (Stags) 196.65 points

Breakout Player of the Year was an absolute understatement for Raphy Hayes this year. He is the only player in the league’s history that I believe could’ve won any of the 3 major season awards (MVP, OPOY, DPOY). His impact on the field this season was massive, jumping over everyone on the west coast, earning clutch takeaways and bombing it deep. Hayes ended the season with 18 goals, 23 assists, and 14 blocks. He managed to put up these numbers even being hampered with an injury late in the season. If 100% healthy I’m sure that Hayes would’ve ended the season with 50+ total points.


Brad Houser (Rainmakers) 174.70 points

Mark Burton and Andrew Lynch not returning, Khalif El-Salaam played only 4 games. The Rainmakers potent offense from 2015 is surely not going to return in 2016? Enter Brad Houser and his league leading 29 goals and 16 assists. One of this year’s highlights during Rainmakers games was watching Houser work on offense. Every time he touched the disc he was either eating huge chunks of yards under, before firing it deep for an assist. Or he was running past his defender for a goal. Houser was truly one of the most the hardest players to cover in MLU play this year and he looks to only be getting better.


Timmy Perston (Stags) 165.35 points

Before Hayes and Woodside turned the two-headed Portland monster into a four-headed one, it was the Cody and Timmy show. Perston has played in all 4 MLU season and has led the league in goals scored in 3 of them. The one season that he did not lead the league, 2014, was the year Timmy went missing in Ireland and only played in the Stags week 1 game. He did manage to score 9 goals in that one though. In his career he’s averaged 3.6 goals per game in his career, leading to him being the all time MLU goals leader and the only player with 100+ goals. Not too shabby.


Marques Brownlee (Rumble) 240.40 points

Three weeks into the 2016 season Brownlee had already amassed 12 blocks. It was clear that the rest of the season would become a chase for the single season blocks record. For those of you not in the know, Rob Baker, formerly of the Rumble, now of the Whitecaps, kicked off the MLU’s inaugural season in style to the tune of 23 blocks, a feat that has yet to be replicated. Brownlee came the closest, finishing the season with 21 this season. It was a great season overall for Brownlee as he posted career highs in both goals and assists to go along with his 21 blocks. Brownlee made a habit of challenging his opponents to beat him deep… and failing.


Evan Klein (Rainmakers) 228.00 points

Offensively, not much has changed from Evan Klein’s rookie of the year performance in 2015 and his 2016 campaign, 17G/15A to 18G/14A. The number that really jumps out is making the jump from 9 blocks in 2015 to 17 in 2016. None of these 17 were cheap. Almost all of them were jaw dropping highlights that helped make watching Rainmakers games much watch ultimate last year. In the span of 10 games Evan Klein went from solid all around contributor to the Rainmakers to a bona fide superstar and legitimate MVP candidate.