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Did you have the Perfect 7 in MLU Fantasy this weekend? 

Each week I’ll be laying out the league’s perfect starting 7. Leaving you scratching your head as to why you didn’t start Himalaya Mehta as your superstar (Only one person active on our fantasy site did…. It was me… I’m better at fantasy than you… I won in every one of my leagues….)

Oh well, let’s get into it.


Christian Foster (Whitecaps) 55.70 Points

Christian Foster benefited from his two game weekend, posting almost no fantasy points on Sunday against the Spinners, only managing a single assist on his 15 points played. What really put Foster over the top was his 5 BLOCK PERFORMANCE in the Whitecaps miraculous comeback against the Current. All 3 of his assists came in the second half, with two of them resulting in breaks in the 4th quarter.


Michael Panna (Spinners) 42.80 points

Michael Panna’s return to the Philadelphia O-line paid dividends from the word go. He tossed four assists in each of the first two games, giving him the league lead heading into Week 2.  It may be a little too soon to talk about being on pace to break the single season assists record (35, Morgan Hibbert in 2015)…but I’m going to put it out there.


Khalif El-Salaam (Rainmakers) 39.80 points

Just wow… It’s all I can really say about El-Salaam’s fantasy performance this past weekend. While he was responsible for seven, count em, seven turnovers… He had four throw-aways, threw into two blocks and collected a drop…his recorded TPOP of 1.310 doubled his career mark of .670. So, this first game may be just a hiccup as El-Salaam adjusts to more touches in this Rainmaker offense. That’s the negative.

The positive? Those added touches turned into two goals and seven assists. He also managed to record two blocks of his own. I’m confident that the turnover issue will be resolved.. I’m also confident that if he plays a full 10 game slate he’s going to demolish the single season scoring record.


Himalaya Mehta (Spinners) 40.30 points

Talk about a coming out party! Himalaya Mehta doubled his career scoring mark in a single weekend! He took a back seat on Saturday against the Rumble as the depth of the roster was given a chance to shine. He still managed to grab two goals and throw two assists in a blowout where he didn’t need to shine. But HOLY MOLEY what a game against Boston. An entire highlight reel could’ve been made for Mehta from this game alone. Head Coach Darryl Stanley said he wants Mehta to be a finisher for this offensive unit. I think he’ll accept his seven goal, three assist weekend and so will your fantasy team


Piers MacNaughton (Whitecaps) 38.30 points

Talk about a matchup nightmare for opposing teams. Piers MacNaughton and Tyler Chan may be the most dynamic cutting duo in the league with regards to raw speed and big play ability. Teams chose to focus their primary attentions on Chan this weekend and MacNaughton owners are laughing all the way to a fantasy win. In blistering winds on Saturday he still managed to gobble up 4 goals and throw 2 assists. He’ll be atop the league leaders in goals all season long for sure. He enters Week 2 tied with Mehta for the league lead in both G+A (10) and goals (7).


Raphy Hayes (Stags) 54.00 Points

This team just isn’t fair. Not only do the Stags boast one of the best, if not THE best defenses in the entire league, they have players like Hayes to go and get the disc back when their O-line can’t convert. Multiple Stags players made note of Hayes and his big play ability on both sides of the disc and one even went as far as saying he’d lead the league in scoring. If Hayes can keep up this pace he’s going to start drawing comparisons to another big time O-line player who had a knack for coming up big when the team turned it over: 2-time MLU Champion Peter Prial.


Greg Martin (Spinners) 53.40 points

My preseason pick for rookie of the year did not disappoint in his opening weekend. Martin is a freak of an athlete who can almost quite literally jump through the roof. He’ll be a mainstay on the Spinners highlight reels all season and if he can keep posting two blocks per game like he did in week his first two games, the goals will come. I’m picturing a ton of Ethan Peck bombs to Martin for breaks with this Spinners defense.

Who to Pick Up

Greg Martin (Spinners)

See above

Himalaya Mehta (Spinners)

See above

Antoine Davis (DC Current)

Not to take anything away from the young Virginia Tech product, but I take high block output games at Cardinal Stadium, in CRAZY wind, with a grain of salt. See Jeff Wodatch’s first game from last season. What I’m not going to ignore are his 4 goals. While relying on D-Line players to be the main source of goals on your fantasy team can be a frightening proposition, picking up Davis is a smart move.

Ethan Peck (Spinners)

Love what I’m seeing from Peck in his first two games. Everyone loves a shooter and Peck is a shooter. Pick up Peck. I am slightly concerned that his output goes hand-in-hand with playing New York, a team that was giving up break opportunities left and right. With Boston, a team much more likely to take care of the disc he was held to just a single assist.

Clay Dewey-Valentine (Rainmakers)

While his stat line might not be that impressive. Just one goal. It’s his role on the rainmakers that excites me. Dewey-Valentine almost exclusively played on Seattle D-Line last year. In week one he played 20 points, 19 of which were on offense. He completed all 39 of his throws and wasn’t responsible for a single turnover. If things continue you want him on your team. Offensive players who touch the disc that much are hard to come by.

Trevor Smith (Stags)

Everything stated above about Dewey-Valentine, ditto for Trevor Smith. The only difference is that he’s playing in a much more prolific offense. He’s worth an add for a week or two. If and when the points come, you’re golden.

Don’t Panic

Dom Gibson, Zach Norrbom(DC Current)

Not a strong opening weekend for Gibson or Norrbom. Dom seems to have made a switch to the offensive side of the disc but was a complete non-factor with the near hurricane-esque winds. As he gets comfortable and the weather gets better he’ll begin to show his value. The same can be said for Norrbom. It’s hard for handlers to shine on days like that. Even with his seven turnovers (most field position punts) he still managed to throw three assists.

Timmy Perston (Stags)

The entire Rainmakers defensive scheme seemed to be built around denying Perston the disc. They did succeed in doing so, limiting Perston to just seven touches all game. Worry not, by this time next week Timmy will be the all time leading goal scorer in MLU history.


Billy Sickles (Spinners/Author’s Roommate)

Had the nerve to be turnover free over the first weekend of play. Limiting my opportunities of roommate bullying. 

Editor’s Note: Don’t drop Sickles. He’s good at the frisbee.