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Did you have the Perfect 7 in MLU Fantasy this weekend? 

Another week in the books, another week of leaving high performing players on your bench. 


Khalif El-Salaam (Rainmakers) 78.00 points

If you started El-Salaam this weekend, chances you won your playoff matchup are extremely high. He’s only played in 4 games this season but is still 6th in the league in scoring… Here are his averages this season. 3.25 goals, 5.25 assists, 1.25 blocks. For those of you who don’t like math, if he played a full season that translates to 32 goals, 52 assists (the record is 37), and 12 blocks…. Are you kidding me? Oh and he caught a callahan this week too.


Gabe Saunkeah (Dogfish) 39.25 points

The Dogfish may have lost both of their games this weekend but a bunch of Dogfish had a good fantasy weekend. Saunkeah had his most productive weekend of the season. In the two games he managed to throw 8 assists and completed 64 of his 65 attempted throws.


Taylor Cascino (Dogfish) 36.15 points

Much like Saunkeah, Cascino had an extremely productive weekend. Statistically, the Dogfish played their best game of the season against the Rainmakers, even if you include the 3rd quarter breakdown. In that game Cascino scored 4 goals and threw 4 assists, 6 of those 8 points came in the first half when they jumped out to a 15-9 lead.


Ian Ranahan (Dogfish) 25.80 points

The Dogfish went into half against the Stags only down 1 and held Portland to their lowest scoring game of the season. Even though the Dogfish lost by 6, it was still a well played game by the entire Dogfish roster. Ranahan contributed 2 goals and 2 assists as well as a block in their effort. The extra game allowed him to throw another assist and record another block.


Michael Panna (Spinners) 24.70 points

It takes a lot to make the Perfect 7 when there is a team with a double header. Completing all 16 of your throws while catching 4 goals, throwing an assist, and getting a block is one way to get yourself a spot. (Panna did those things)


Alexander Morris (Dogfish) 54.35 points

Alexander Morris has been a nice surprise for the Dogfish’s defensive line this season. After recording 5 blocks this weekend his season total sits at 12 . In the 7 games he’s played this season he’s failed to record a block just once. In 5 of those 7 he’s also recorded 2+ blocks. Add in an extra goal and assist this weekend and we have a very nice looking weekend.


Andrew Gravunder (Current) 31.20 points

Gravunder makes the list almost exclusively due to his incredible layout callahan. Outside of the callahan he did also grab another goal and throw an assist. Normally the kind of wind that was swirling in Carey Stadium would lead to a low scoring affair. Instead it turned into a heavy upwind downwind game. Goals for everyone.

Who to Pick up?

Hopefully if you are still in it at this point, you don’t need my help.  Good luck in those championships.