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Did you have the Perfect 7 in MLU Fantasy this weekend? 

Another week in the books, another week of leaving high performing players on your bench.  The message from this week was clearly – If the Stags have a doubleheader, play all the Stags.


Peter Woodside (Stags) 96.50 points

There really isn’t much else to say about Woodside that hasn’t already been said. Woodside had two games that would normally plant him as the superstar on this list. He finished the weekend with 7 goals, 2 assists, and 6 blocks. It was strange seeing Woodside go without a block in week one… He made up for it.


Raphy Hayes (Stags) 59.85 points

I’m already going to go on record to crown Raphy Hayes as the breakout player of the year. After three games his season totals sit at 6 goals, 10 assists, and 7 blocks. He’s not just putting up points, he’s doing it in style. His near callahan at the end of the the Seattle game was just icing on the cake.


Ben McGinn (Stags) 43.45 points

McGinn has become the do it all handler for the Stags over the past two years. He’s split his time playing offense and defense so far through 3 games. Was he playing offense on Sunday because of the Stags short roster? It really doesn’t matter because he’s producing regardless of which side of the disc he’s playing on.


Timmy Perston (Stags) 49.55 points

Last week I urged fantasy owners to not panic after scoring a single goal in week 1. He then went on to grab 8 goals over the weekend, moving him into a tie for the league lead in goals scored. Perston has averaged just under 4 goals a game in his MLU career. Things don’t seem to be changing


Matt Glazer (Spinners) 40.45 points

Perhaps Glazer was a little bit upset over Himalaya Mehta’s rise last weekend. Glazer isn’t ready to let go of being the Spinners leading goal scorer. Against Boston Glazer put up a goose egg, this week against DC he grabbed 6 goals, threw 2 assists, and recorded 2 blocks. It’ll be interesting watching teams try to form gameplans around stopping Glazer and Mehta going forward.


Marques Brownlee (Rumble) 58.55 points

Unofficially Marques Brownlee had tied the single game blocks record with 7 on Saturday against the Whitecaps. Sadly, through validation his official total dropped to 6. Still, all 6 of his blocks were amazing displays of Brownlee’s athleticism as he literally jumped over a few people. 6 is still a ridiculous amount of blocks to get in a single game. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.


Topher Davis (Stags) 44.10 points

Rounding out the 5 Stags in the perfect starting 7 this week is Topher Davis. All four of his blocks last weekend were jaw dropping. Do yourself a favor and go watch his layout catch block against the Rainmakers, I’ll wait. Davis had a huge hand in the Stags record setting weekend and will continue to be a leader for this defensive unit.

Who to Pick Up

Brad Houser (Rainmakers)

Stepped up as the downfield playmaker with Khalif El-Salaam missing. Will his production continue once El-Salaam returns? Even if he doesn’t score at the rate he did this weekend going forward he’ll still be a good plug if you’re lacking goals.

Mason Compton (Rumble)

Was one of the few Rumble players that was routinely beating his defender. He only played 10 points but completed all 9 of his throws, grabbed 2 goals and threw 2 assists. (The Rumble only scored 13 goals). Look for some more playing time for Compton going forward.

Mike Arcata (Spinners)

Much Like Houser, Arcata was plugged into the Spinners starting offensive unit due to some missing starters. Also like Houser, his production may decline with these players returning but will still be worth a spot on your bench.

Sascha Lo (Nighthawks)

I love a good possession handler starting on an Oline. The Nighthawks got absolutely destroyed by the Stags on Saturday but that didn’t stop Sascha Lo from posting a TPOP of 1.920 and completing 46 of his 48 throws. It was the role that Victor Cheng filled for the Nighthawks in Week 1. Whoever comes out as the starter is the player to have rostered. Pick up both if you have the roster space. Drop whoever doesn’t come out on top.


Billy Sickles (Spinners/Author’s Roommate)

All the usual reasons.

Editor’s Note: Don’t drop Sickles. He’s good at the frisbee.