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Did you have the Perfect 7 in MLU Fantasy this weekend? 

Another week in the books, another week of leaving high performing players on your bench. 


Marques Brownlee (Rumble) 63.20 points

Brownlee followed up his 6 block game against the Whitecaps with a 5 block weekend, albeit in two games. If he continues on this pace he isn’t just going to break the single season blocks record set by Rob Baker in 2013, he’s going to annihilate it. Throw in his 3 goals and assist and you get a perfect superstar in fantasy for week 3.


Matt Weintraub (Rumble) 36.80 points

The double header helped with Weintraub’s fantasy output but had a very solid stand alone game for the Rumble in their come back win against the DC Current, collecting a goal, throwing 4 assists and getting a crucial hand block in the 4th that helped spark the comeback. While the game against the Spinners should be put deep underground and never talked about again. He did manage to throw for two more assists and record a block. Not too shabby.


Lloyd Blake (D.C. Current) 27.90 points

Lloyd Blake is on my short list for MVP of the east coast. His team may be winless but when the Current do win their first game of the season, it will be on Blake’s shoulders. He’s  already posted a career high with 11 assists in the first 3 games of the year. His TPOP is almost .5 higher than last year. And he’s doubled his average throw per game.


Sean Mott (Rumble) 38.95 points

Mott is on this list from his Saturday performance alone. 5 goals, 2 assists, and more highlight reel catches than I can remember, one of them landed him #3 on SportsCenter top 10. He’s listed as 5’8” but plays like he’s 7 feet.


Scott Xu (Rumble) 29.45 points

If you’re looking for a breakout player of the year and Himalaya Mehta and Raphy Hayes aren’t your cup of tea, look no further than Scott Xu! He’s become an important part of this New York O-line and has taken advantage to the tune of 7 goals and 4 assists through 4 games. (4 of those goals and all 4 of those assists came this past weekend)


Matt Melius (Stags) 35.00 points

It was a low scoring game by Stags standards on Saturday, only posting 18 goals. The good news is that they only allowed 12. Melius split duties playing about half of his points on offense and the other half on defense. Coming into the weekend Melius had only collected 1 block. Against the Dogfish he got 3 of them along with a goal and assist.


Mike Arcata (Spinners) 34.50 points

Arcata has really solidified himself as the 8th man for the Spinners for both their O and D-Lines. Last week the Spinners traveled to DC with a bit of a short roster and Arcata was there to fill in on offense, logging 15 points played. This week maaaaay have been a bit different as the Spinner’s played a large portion of the bottom of their roster in a game that was never in question. Aracta made the most of his playing time, collecting his first 3 blocks of the year.

Who to Pick Up

Scott Xu and Matt Weintraub (Rumble)

On top of everything listed above about the two…. Someone on this team has to score…

Mark Flores (D.C. Current)

I love me a shooter and boy is Flores a shooter. Any guaranteed O-line starter in the league should be rostered and Flores is the one on DC taking all the shots. DC has a double header this weekend and Flores should put up points in bunches.

Kyle Khalifa (D.C. Current)

I mentioned all of those shots Flores in taking? A bunch of them are going to Khalifa. He’s a speedster who loves cutting deep. What else do you need in a fantasy receiver?

Graeme Barber (Nighthawks)

The Nighthawks have been a bit of a disappointment out of the gate but players like Barber are doing their best to keep their heads above water. He’s playing a do everything role for the Nighthawks right now and that equals fantasy points.