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Did you have the Perfect 7 in MLU Fantasy this weekend? 

Another week in the books, another week of leaving high performing players on your bench. 


Mitchell Dozzi-Daigle (Nighthawks) 73.30 points

Not only does Dozzi-Daigle sport the best name in the league, he’s also averaging 2+ blocks in the 3 games he’s played this season. The Nighthawks may be winless on the season but this weekend was Dozzi-Daigle’s coming out party. He was absolutely everywhere for Vancouver, making plays left and right.


Lloyd Blake (D.C. Current) 53.25 points

With all of the turnaround on their roster this season, the D.C. Current were looking for someone to step up and Lloyd Blake has more than delivered. He’s certainly not to blame for the team’s 1-4 start as he’s tied for the league lead in scoring and is on pace to break the single season assists record. After only throwing 1 assist and completing just 81% of his throws Week 1. He hasn’t thrown less than 4 assists or completed less than 91% of his throws in a game since.


Taylor Nadon (Nighthawks) 35.00 points

Nadon has carved out a role for himself on this Nighthawks O-line as a tall downfield cutter who sees the disc almost as much as the handlers on the team. The term “hybrid” is thrown around too often in ultimate but Nadon encapsulates everything a hybrid player is supposed to be. He’s leading the team in assists with 10 and the only player with more attempted throws on the team is Sascha Lo.


Kyle Khalifa (D.C. Current) 49.70 points

We mentioned Lloyd Blake stepping up for the Current this year as their primary handler and playmaker. The stage was set for Khalifa to take the step to being the next big scoring threat for D.C.. Khalifa did not disappoint, racking up 9 goals, an assist and 2 blocks in their double header weekend. He’s routinely been one of the fastest players on the field and still somehow manages to score goals… even when Andrew Hooker is kneeing him in the stomach.


Erik Hunter (Nighthawks)  43.25 points

Erik Hunter, along with Taylor Nadon and Graeme Barber, have been the rocks of the Nighthawks so far this year. When the Nighthawks win their first game of the season it will be because of these three. Hunter had a monster weekend, racking up 7 goals, 3 assists, and a block. Even though his team hasn’t won a game, he’s leading the league in points played and trails only Cody Bjorklund and Lloyd Blake in total scoring.


Delrico Johnson (D.C. Current) 61.65 points

Rico is just a highlight reel waiting to happen. I hold my breath every time the disc is anywhere near him. He did his best on Saturday to keep the Current in the game against Boston to the tune of 4 goals and 3 assists. It was his athleticism that was on display against New York, coming up with two of the best blocks I’ve seen all season. Just another weekend at the office for Rico.


Michael Yi (Nighthawks) 33.20 points

Double headers are always a fantasy goldmine. Michael Yi had two solid games as a handler option for the Nighthawks but was able to land on our Perfect 7 because of his 3 blocks and 3 assists.

Players to Pick up

Mitchell Dozzi-Daigle

See above. If Dozzi-Daigle plays with the same intensity he showed this past weekend he’s on the short list for rookie of the year.

Jared Inselmann (Whitecaps)

Inselmann played his first game of the season last weekend. It’s starting to look like he’s going to be the central handler for Boston moving forward. He completed 34 of his 35 attempted throws threw an assist and caught 2 goals.