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Did you have the Perfect 7 in MLU Fantasy this weekend? 

Another week in the books, another week of leaving high performing players on your bench. 


Billy Sickles (Spinners) 46.30 points

Sickles quietly put together his best game of the season in the Spinners final game against the Rumble. While it was the Philly D-line that had their way with the Rumble, to the tune of 12 breaks. Sickles either threw the assists or scored the goal on 8 of the team’s 13 holds. Throw in a block and zero turnovers and you have the best fantasy performance of the week.


Khalif El-Salaam (Rainmakers) 32.55 points

El-Salaam’s return to the the Rainmakers lineup made his fantasy owners very, very happy. Remember Week 1 when he was all over the field, scoring 2 goals and throwing 7 assists? I’m sure you also remember his 7 turnovers… I mentioned in this very article Week 1 about the adjustments El-Salaam would have to make if he was going to be the focal point of Seattle’s attack. It seems like the kinks have been worked out. He scored another 2 goals, threw 6 more assists, and completed all 30 of his attempted throws. Talk about a turnaround.


Cody Bjorklund (Stags) 30.95 points

Yawn. Just another day at the office for Cody Bjorklund. There’s a reason why he was my preseason #1 fantasy pick. Scoring outputs like this are the norm. He’s on pace to break some single season records. Ya know.. It’s whatever.


Brad Houser (Rainmakers) 28.00 points

Silly me thinking Houser’s scoring would drop off with the return of El-Salaam. The only thing that’s changed is that there are now more options to fire it deep to him. He scored another 4 goals and threw 3 more. It doesn’t look like he’s slowing down any time soon.


Raphy Hayes (Stags) 23.70 points

Hayes may have missed a few of his deep shots this past weekend but that didn’t stop him from continuing his torrid pace from the start of the season. He’s been the highest scorer, in terms of fantasy points, this season. His 3 goals, 4 assists, and highlight reel catch block helped him stay ahead of the pack.


Topher Davis (Stags) 36.65 points

Much like Bjorklund, Topher Davis is consistently consistent. There’s a reason that he has the second most blocks in league history with 43. He goes out, forces turnovers, throws goals. Last weekend he recorded 3 blocks and threw 2 assists. Not to mention coming a fingertip away from getting one of the craziest full extension layouts I’ve ever seen.


Matt Neeley (Rainmakers) 32.00 points

Adding Matt Neeley to the short list of Breakout Player of Year Award candidates. He’s now tied for the league lead in break assists with 10. His block totals aren’t massively impressive but he did manage to get 3 this weekend. Which is the same amount of blocks he recorded all of 2015. He’s become a leader on this Rainmakers D-line and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon.

Who To Pick Up

This week is a little different than previous ones. There are only four teams playing this weekend so you may need to pick up a few people just to fill out your roster. Here are players from teams that are playing this weekend who may get some fantasy points.

Tanner Halkyard (Whitecaps)

He seems to have found a spot in the Whitecaps O-line rotation. He’s averaging 1.75 points (G+A) per game for Boston and should score in the 10 point area.

Tom O’Connor (Spinners)

Also on the short list for breakout player of the year. He’s handling(?) on a few of the Philadelphia Dlines this season. Seeing more of the disc and taking advantage of it scoring 1.80 points (G+A) per game, more than quadrupling his average from last year. He’s still getting his blocks as well.

Jonathan Sisto (Rumble)

The Rumble like to look deep. Sisto has 5 goals on the year and has been coming down with a bunch of deep looks.

With only two games this weekend, don’t worry if you can’t make it out – All 2016 MLU games will be live streamed via