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Did you have the Perfect 7 in MLU Fantasy this weekend? 

Another week in the books, another week of leaving high performing players on your bench. 


Nick Fiske (Dogfish) 57.70 points

Normally when you see a 4 block performance, it normally has at least one “soft” block, a pass thrown directly at them, a last second huck with no one around, you know the type. All of Fiske’s blocks were beautifully forced and played a major role in the Dogfish’s comeback bid against the Rumble. He played 19 points, scored 2 goal, threw 2 assists, and didn’t record a single turnover.  


Matt Weintraub (Rumble) 28.60 points

Weintraub continues to impress as the Rumble’s primary D-line handler. After a rough start to the season where he threw only 1 assist in the first two games. He’s since exploded as a fantasy mainstay, averaging 3.2 assists per game since his slow start. He was one of the main reasons the Rumble were able to jump out to such a large lead against the Dogfish, throwing SEVEN assists.


Scott Xu (Rumble) 24.20 points

Scott Xu continues to strengthen his breakout player of the year credentials with another fantastic fantasy performance. 4 goals, 1 assist, and 2 blocks helped lift the Rumble. He saw more of the disc than he’s seen all season, attempting 31 throws, completing 27 of them. Is a handling Xu the secret to the Rumbles success? Maybe? Don’t trust me, I don’t know anything.


Shaun Doherty (Whitecaps) 36.10 points

Shaun Doherty has been the most underrated player in the MLU for the past 3 seasons. It’s a shame that great defenders rarely fill up the stat sheet because that’s exactly what Shaun Doherty is, one of the best defenders in the league. Lucky for his fantasy owners he recorded the second callahan of the season, an absolute beauty of a read on a dump gone wrong.


Ethan Peck (Spinners) 21.95 points

So Ethan Peck can score against teams not named the Rumble! Coming into the weekend, Ethan Peck vs. Rumble: 2 goals, 10 assists. Ethan Peck vs. everyone else: 0 goals, 2 assists. NO MORE! Peck was able to grab 3 goals, an assist, and 2 blocks (a hand block and an almost game saving layout during the last point of overtime)


Marques Brownlee (Rumble) 44.55 points

I’m growing tired of writing the same things over and over for Brownlee. He’s going to be on this list every week as long as teams continue to be foolish enough to test him in the air defensively. As it stands right now Brownlee is on pace to break the single season blocks record of 23, held by Rob Baker from 2013.


Owen Westbrook (Whitecaps) 37.25 points

Talk about a first impression. Having missed the Whitecaps first 4 games of the season, Westbrook came out swinging to the tune of 1 goal, 2 assists, and 3 blocks. In horrible conditions he was able to complete 22 of his 25 throws. I don’t know where Westbrook will fit once the Whitecaps who were missing this weekend return, but he’s certainly worth a pickup in all leagues.

Who to Pick up?

Owen Westbrook (Whitecaps)

See above

Christopher McGlynn (Rumble)

McGlynn may be young and he may only have 2 games of MLU experience under his belt it’s starting to look like he’ll be a prominent piece of the Rumble’s plans going forward. He’s worth a roster spot for at least another week. Start him in two if he produces, drop him if not.

Justin Carter (Rumble)

Scoring, in any capacity, is a something the Rumble desperately need outside of Sean Mott and Weintraub. He grabbed 2 goals, threw an assist, and recorded a block in his season debut. Again, worth a roster spot if he continues to see the field.

Daniel Naruo and Andrew Goldstein (Dogfish)

Naruo and Goldstein sit at #2 and 3 for the Dogfish in scoring, behind Gabe Saunkeah. The Dogfish have a double header this weekend. Fantasy points galore for all the Dogfish on your roster.