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Did you have the Perfect 7 in MLU Fantasy this weekend? 

Another week in the books, another week of leaving high performing players on your bench. 


Cam Bailey (Rainmakers) 51.00 points

I’ll say this once so I don’t have to repeat myself for every Rainmaker on this list. The weather during the Vancouver/Seattle game was horrible. I don’t think there has been a game in MLU history with more rain. The conditions caused more than a few miss throws and the Rainmakers were there to make the Nighthawks pay to the tune of 17 blocks. Cam Bailey accounted for 4 of them and was also a main reason why the Rainmakers were held to a 5.0% FHSE.


Henry Phan (Rainmakers) 39.60 points

After a slow start to the season, averaging .5 goals, 1.25 assists, and .5 blocks through his first 4 games of the season. Phan has exploded in his last two games, scoring 2 goals, throwing 7 assists and recording 3 blocks. While his callahan this past weekend may have had more to do LeRoss’s poor swing throw, fantasy owners don’t care. Fantasy points are fantasy points.


David Brandolph (Spinners) 28.50 points

It’s nice to see Brandolph make his way into the Perfect 7 this week. He’s normally not a player who is going to jump out on the stat sheet but his contribution to this Philly OLine go deeper than just numbers. His spacing and field awareness have really helped fill the gap left in the Philadelphia offense left by Marshall Ward. Also, point block turned callahans are pretty cool too.


Evan Klein (Rainmakers) 26.00 points

Evan Klein ran away with the rookie of the year award last year because of his contributions all over the field. He was constantly filling up the stat sheet week after week. In 2016, through 6 games, he’s already tied his goal total from last season (17) and surpassed his block total (9, has 11 now). If we exclude week 1, Klein has scored at least 2 goals and thrown at least 1 assist while recording 2 blocks a game. His 3 goals. 2 assist, 2 block performance is a perfect example of what Klein brings to the table.


Brad Houser (Rainmakers) 22.00 points

Khalif who? Silly me thinking that the Rainmakers offense would struggle to score goals without El-Salaam on the field. The emergence of Brad Houser is one of the main stories of the 2016 MLU season. He’s currently tied for second in the league in goals with 21. When Houser touches the disc he’s either in the endzone or he’s looking to shoot. My favorite type of player.


Dylan Harrington (Rainmakers) 34.50 points

Hello Mr. Harrington, where were you at the beginning of the season? He’s played in 3 games this season. Week 5: 2 goals, 1 block. Week 7: 3 goals, 2 blocks. Week 8: 2 goals, 3 blocks. If he keeps up this pace then by the time the playoffs roll around in week 10 and 11 he should be breaking the single game blocks record. Stay tuned for more details.


Brice Dunn (Spinners) 34.30 points

If you need an example of Dunn’s athleticism just watch him RUN PAST Rico on a deep throw last weekend. My jaw actually dropped. He seems to be getting more playing time (in crucial defensive points) every week and it’s paying off for Coach Darryl Stanley. While it’s extremely difficult to predict how many times opposing players will be dumb enough to test Dunn deep. He’s likely to get at least a block per game the rest of the way.

Who to Pick up?

Brice Dunn (Spinners)

See Above

Dylan Harrington (Rainmakers)

See Above

Austin Bartenstein (Current)

This was not Bartenstein’s first game of the season, he played in the Current’s doubleheader in week 4 and their week 7 matchup against the Rumble. It was however, the first time he was tasked with playing a primary role for the team. He looked cool and confident converting breaks as well as holding down the fort for the Oline with Lloyd Blake missing in action. I’m going out on a limb and saying that he played well enough to warrant a starting spot on either the O or D Line even when Blake returns… But I could be wrong.