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Did you have the Perfect 7 in MLU Fantasy this weekend? 

Another week in the books, another week of leaving high performing players on your bench. 


Piers MacNaughton (Whitecaps) 77.10 points

MacNaughton has been leading the Whitecaps in scoring since the beginning of the season, that wasn’t an accident. Being one of the 4 Whitecaps that made the trip for their double header and promptly scored 7 goals and threw 2 assists. Not one to normally get blocks he also got 2 in each game. Not too shabby.


Christian Foster (Whitecaps) 45.85 points

I’ve been in the “Christian Foster would be in contention to lead the league in scoring if he played offense” camp for some time now. This weekend did nothing to change my opinion on the matter. Anyone who throws more hammers and blades for scores instead of “conventional” throws as a spot on my perfect 7. Oh and throwing 8 assists in the one game against the Spinners is another way to do it, I guess.


Thomas Edmonds (Whitecaps) 37.10 points

Anyone who’s seen my desk at MLU HQ knows I have post-it notes everywhere ranging from tasks I need to complete to little interesting statistics I’ll talk about at some point. I mention this because there is this post-it note that has been there since week one.


That one point…

I have since forgotten if that point was in reference to his game against the Spinners or Current… BUT I do know he absolutely took over a point and planned on writing a piece about how the Whitecaps may look with Edmonds as one of their primary handlers. This weekend gave us an answer with Edmonds completing 40 of his 41 attempted throws. Scoring 4 goals and throwing for 6 more. The future looks bright in Boston.


Billy Sickles (Spinners) 34.25 points

Billy Sickles is the only player on this list that isn’t a Whitecap and for good reason. His line for their game against Boston was a doubleheader’s worth of stats. He finished the game with 7 goals, a block, and an assist. He’s probably due for a letdown this week. Make sure you drop him.


Brad Houser (Rainmakers) 29.05 points

Brad Houser just can’t stop scoring. He’s now second in the league in total points (G+A) with 40 after another 5 goal, 2 assist game against the Dogfish on Saturday. He’s tied for the league lead in goals with MLU all time leader Timmy Perston with 26.


Frederik Brasz (Whitecaps) 42.10 points

Brasz had himself a weekend, defensively. Catchblocks galore for the former Spinner lead to 4 blocks on the weekend and only 2 turnovers spaced over the two games this weekend.


Rob Baker (Whitecaps) 37.80 points

Rob Baker set the single season blocks record in 2013 with 23 when he played with the New York Rumble. 3 years later and he’s still recording blocks, just with a different team. He’s missed a few games this season but has still been able to average 1.33 blocks per game. This weekend saw Baker get 3 blocks while also grabbing 2 goals and 2 assists

Who to Pick up

All of the San Francisco Dogfish and Washington D.C. Current….. It’s playoff time and the Dogfish and Current were lucky enough to pull a double header in the first round… That’s about all of the advice I have for you.. Good luck.