It’s that time of year again!  With under a week to go until the opening pull of the 2016 MLU season, it’s time to 

Do I actually care about the real-time frisbee throwing and catching? Not at all! Do I look forward to giving you terrible advice on how to shape your fantasy team? You betcha!

If you haven’t signed up yet, head over the MLU Fantasy and set up your league today. And to help you out, here are a few players to keep an eye on in the first round of any fantasy draft, in no particular order:

Cody Bjorklund (Portland Stags #6)
Cody don’t just like pizza. Cody like scoring. Cody like scoring lots. In the previous 3 MLU seasons Bjorklund hasn’t produced less than 40 G+A. He’s been an absolute machine for the Portland O-line for 3 straight seasons and he’s only missed 1 regular season game, which was in 2014. In those other 29 games he’s averaged 2.03 goals, 2.52 assists, and .63 blocks. He doesn’t miss games, he scores in bunches, put him on your team.

Tyler Chan (Boston Whitecaps #44)
Chan was my vote for 2015 Rookie of the Year. If you need an example of what he is capable of, please direct your attention to when he almost broke the single game scoring record. Chan managed to put up 41 G+A despite missing the first two games of the season for the Whitecaps. I’m legitimately scared for the rest of the eastern conference if Chan plays a full 10 games in 2016.

Khalif El-Salaam (Seattle Rainmakers #3)
How much will he play? That’s always the question when it comes to El-Salaam. Going off of his per game averages the last two seasons, if Khalif plays a full 10 game season he projects to a 30+ goals, 20+ assist season. DID I MENTION HE’S STILL ONLY 22 YEARS OLD?!?! Even if he misses a portion of the season because of college and playing on the USA national team… Any game he starts for you should result in a ‘W’.

Jibran Mieser (New York Rumble #6)
Oh what could have been! Mieser’s 2015 season was cut short due to injury, but what a show he put on in the 26 points he played. He opened the season with a 6 block performance against the Whitecaps where he also managed to grab two goals. In his second game he grabbed another 3 goals and recorded 2 more blocks. Again. He did all this in 26 points played. When healthy, Mieser is a legitimate 25+ blocks candidate.

Delrico Johnson (Washington D.C. Current #4)
Derico ‘Rico’ Johnson is a walking highlight reel. He’s been a staple of the D.C. Current’s D-line for 3 years and has seen his production, both in goals scored and blocks, climb every year he’s been in the league. There have been whispers of a possible “Delric-O-line” coming in 2016. If that’s true that means more touches and more touches means more chances for SportsCenter Top 10 plays.

Peter Woodside (Portland Stags #5)
Even if Woodside’s production dips by a 1/3 in 2016 he’d still be considered a top 25 player this year. Unless there are major changes coming in the way that Portland plans on playing this year defensively, we can safely assume that they’ll be forcing turns in bunches and chucking it to Woodside for breaks.

Billy Sickles (Philadelphia Spinners #18)
Will we see a sophomore slump for rookie of the year Billy Sickles? Probably not. Any questions marks I have for Sickles are more or less questions about the Spinners offense in general. How will the team fare without Jake Rainwater? Can Sickles step up and be the focal point of the Philadelphia offensive attack? How can the team rebound from losing Marshall Ward, a steady handler that made the Spinners the most efficient offense in the league when he was on the field, to an average one when he was off. Like I said. I have questions for the Spinners, not so much for Sickles, who will still break 40+ G+A this year.

Timmy Perston (Portland Stags #13)
Timmy doesn’t know how to not score goals. Here’s a scary stat: Mark Burton holds the career record for goals scored with 81. Timmy Perston is #2 on that list with 79. Now take into account that Perston only played 1 game in 2014. A game where he still managed to grab 9 goals. A full season of Timmy Perston is guaranteeing your fantasy team 30+ goals, 10+ assists, and potential for 10+ blocks. Also my personal pick for west coast MVP.

Christian Foster (Boston Whitecaps #11)
The reigning east coast defensive player of the year should see a lot of the same in 2016. Boston has always been a no nonsense team and Foster’s big play ability both in causing turnovers as well as converting the Whitecaps break opportunities will be a huge factor in where Boston finishes this season. Expect 15+ goals, 10+ assists and for Foster to be in the running for league lead in blocks.

Topher Davis (Portland Stags #8)
One of the most interesting things about Portland’s dominant 2015 regular season was their overall team conversion rates. The Stag’s led the west coast in total scoring efficiency with 49.8% of their offensive possessions ending in goals (that’s only .1% away from Boston’s league leading 49.9%). This conference topping conversion rate can be attributed to the team’s ability to score their break opportunities. They were the only team in the MLU that converted more than 50% of their break opportunities, which they did at an astounding rate of 53.5%. A lot of this defensive units success can be attributed to Davis and his handling on turns. Doesn’t hurt that he’s been in the running for league lead in blocks the past two years either.

With the 2016 MLU Season beginning this Saturday, April 9, sign up for MLU Fantasy now!