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Photo by Kelsey Turner

The MLU announced that Garrett Miley has been hired as the league’s Social Media Coordinator for 2016.


Miley, a graduate of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia joins the MLU main office and will be responsible for creating, editing, distributing and optimizing content across the league’s various social media platforms.

Over the first three seasons of MLU, the league has developed a strong social media presence on Twitter and Facebook as part of their digital content strategy, expanding to Instagram in 2015.   By hiring a full-time coordinator in Miley, the league hopes to utilize its established platforms to better interact with their fanbase.

“More so than ever, social media allows teams and leagues to interact with their fans instantly. As a fan of the MLU and an ultimate player myself, I’m very excited to start interacting with people that love the sport – as well as those who may not know about the sport.”

Before playing for St. Joseph’s, Miley was introduced to ultimate in high school, playing his junior and senior season for Rustin High School in West Chester, Pa.

Miley brings a diverse resume to his position with the MLU, including strong journalism creditionals with the St Joe’s Hawk, Philadelphia Daily News and City of Basketball Love.  Miley’s experiences with a wide variety of media and journalistic practices will aid him in his goals with the MLU.

“Major League Ultimate is still a young company and we are still at the stage where we are still growing as a brand,” said Miley, “Social Media is the most powerful way to grow your brand and fanbase.  I want to use our various platforms in new and innovative ways to continue whats been done over the past 3 years.”